Whitmer seeks $20M to replace lead pipes in Benton Harbor

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants to pump $20 million into Benton Harbor to replace lead pipes and curtail exceedances of the state's water safety rules.
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How did drinking water in northeast Fresno CA homes go bad?

Track key developments as the city of Fresno deals with contaminated water in upwards of 15,000 homes.

Humanity’s challenge of the century: Conserving Earth’s freshwater systems

From Tripoli to Phoenix, the world’s thirst in great desert cities is deepening, even as agribusiness guzzles more water to feed them. Humanity’s arid urban places are colliding with a key Planetary Boundary, scientists warn.

100 miles of lead pipes supply water to Buffalo. Could Biden's plan fix that health risk?

Buffalo has so far evaded the risk that was buried beneath the city more than a century ago.

Proposed legislation could affect Aurora water service lines

State legislators are looking at mandating elimination of lead service lines for all water utilities in Illinois.

Winter weather: Road salt use degrading roads, bridges, scientists say

Each year, Americans spread more than 48 billion pounds of salt on roadways to ward off the effects of winter weather. But it comes at a cost.


Navy contaminates local groundwater and sewer system in Maryland

PFAS substances linked to cancer have likely leached into drinking water that supplies metropolitan D.C.

Georgia-Pacific wants to spread the blame for Parchment PFAS pollution

In class action filing, papermaker points the finger at Michigan regulators and other businesses.

The places across New Jersey where too much lead has been found in the water

Drinking water violations from across the state show that New Jersey's lead problem stretches beyond Newark, Trenton and Bergen County.

Once leading the way in Florida, Clearwater's plan to turn wastewater to drinking water is on hold

David Cullen, a lobbyist for the Sierra Club, said the response to booming population growth should be to scale back development, not to look for alternative water sources to sustain overpopulation that is harming natural resources.


New testing begins after chemical linked to thyroid issues found in water at NC school

Scientists were at Lake Norman High School Tuesday to start a second round of testing after perchlorate was detected in the water on campus.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, OKs new plan to reduce PFAS in city's drinking water

Ann Arbor officials are taking additional steps to ensure city residents are drinking safe water, spending another $850,000 to try to better filter out harmful PFAS chemicals.

Waukesha testing pipes and water quality in advance of switching to Lake Michigan supply

Waukesha testing pipes and water quality in advance of switching to a Lake Michigan water supply to prevent a Flint, Michigan-style health crisis.

Upgrading wastewater systems a $160 million task in South Dakota

The cost will be borne mostly by state residents whose drinking water could be at stake.


Claims filing begins in WV water crisis settlement.

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