Murray Energy exits bankruptcy, rehires union miners

Coal mining giant Murray Energy Corp. has emerged from bankruptcy with a new name and a commitment to rehire all of its former union employees, according to a news release from the United Mine Workers of America.
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Federal PAC donations show Ohio Valley lawmakers raked in thousands from utility FirstEnergy

Lawmakers from across the Ohio Valley have received nearly half a million dollars in campaign contributions from 2019-2020 from a political action committee associated with FirstEnergy Corp.

A deck made of coal? Let's explore that, says Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette

Mr. Brouillette used Consol’s experiments in turning coal into products as a backdrop to announce that $122 million in funding will be made available for private-public partnerships involved in such work.

Murray Energy bankruptcy still casts shadow on coal’s economic viability

New developments suggest Murray Energy's bankruptcy case could soon wrap up, but they don't resolve questions about how long coal can hang onto its shrinking market share in the face of competition from natural gas and renewables.

Great Lakes offshore wind approval a 'poison pill'

Ohio approved first ever offshore wind project for Great Lakes, but requires turbines be shut off at night for eight months per year to protect birds.

Consol wants a competitor liquidated, angering the miner’s union

Consol Energy Inc. has drawn the wrath of two of the coal industry’s loudest voices: Murray Energy and the United Mine Workers of America. Murray...

Coal's outlook darkens as Appalachian companies idle mines, declare bankruptcy

The broad economic collapse caused by efforts to stem the spread of the new coronavirus has put unprecedented pressure on coal companies. 

Cash-strapped coal giant Murray Energy faces liquidation

Bankrupt coal miner Murray Energy Corp. could be forced to liquidate unless a federal judge lets it cut health-care payments to retirees, according to court papers.

Foresight Energy is latest U.S. coal miner in bankruptcy

Foresight Energy filed for bankruptcy with plans to hand ownership to its creditors, becoming the latest coal company to fail as power generators switch to cleaner and cheaper fuels.

Congress reaches deal to prop up coal miners' pension fund

The long-sought measure, which transfers federal funds to the 1974 UMWA pension plan, could be signed by Mr. Trump by the end of the week.

Coal giant provided secret financing to group challenging climate lawsuits

A bankruptcy filing by Murray Energy reveals its dark-money contributions to lobbying organizations trying to halt lawsuits and discredit climate science.

A coal baron funded climate denial as his company spiraled into bankruptcy

Robert E. Murray, the former chairman of Murray Energy, gave nearly $1 million to climate denial groups and other organizations seeking to undo environmental regulations.

Murray Energy a major funder of climate denial groups

As the nation's largest private coal company, Murray Energy, was sliding into bankruptcy over the last two years, it also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding groups that deny mainstream climate science and fight to weaken carbon regulations, new documents show.

Ohio Valley lawmaker plans to halt Senate action over coal miners' benefits

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin pledged Wednesday to block all legislation until pensions and health benefits are secured for coal miners.

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