Merkel pledges stronger post-flood focus on ‘climate protection’

‘The German language knows hardly any words for this devastation,’ chancellor says on visit to flood-stricken region.
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Jake Bittle: We can't afford to shrink the infrastructure bill

The dangers of climate change require major spending now. Future generations will thank us for it. 

Hurricane categories don’t tell the whole story

A hurricane doesn't have to be a Category 5 to cause the most damage.


The Manta is a hybrid catamaran that will collect ocean plastic

This hybrid catamaran from the SeaCleaners will work autonomously 75% of the time without the use of fossil fuels to clean the sea of floating plastics.

Before Himalayan flood, India ignored warnings of development risks

Long before a deadly flood hit two hydroelectric dams, scientists warned repeatedly that such projects were dangerous in a fragile region made more so by global warming.

Glacier bursts in India, leaving more than 100 missing in floods

Rescue efforts were underway in the northern state of Uttarakhand, where officials said a hydroelectric dam project had been largely swept away.

SC impacted by 2 $1 billion weather disasters in 2020 out of the 50 recorded globally

Globally, 2020 was a record-breaking year for expensive weather disasters, with 50 hurricanes, fires and other hazards crossing the $1 billion mark for damages.

Roy Wright: 2020 was a year of climate disasters - and a warning of more to come

If not for the pandemic, 2020 would likely be remembered as the year that climate change hit home.

Kazakhstan plans to bring Aral Sea’s landscape back to life

As environmental issues have long become some of the world's most pressing challenges, countries across the globe are looking for new solutions.


Fred Grimm: Even if deniers don’t, Florida insurers recognize the cost of climate change

If the insurers abandon us, the effect will be devastating as a natural disaster. Climate deniers haven't noticed, but pot has begun to boil.


Homes are becoming harder to insure thanks to climate change

Wildfires, floods and other climate-related natural disasters are driving up the cost of home insurance, while some properties are being dropped from coverage.


The West Coast's extreme heat and wildfires have another hidden danger

Affordable housing is at risk, and policymakers need to act now to protect it.

Trump sought to withhold California fire aid because of politics, former official says

The former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security claims in a political ad released Monday that President Trump tried to withhold disaster relief money for California's wildfires because voters in the state opposed him politically.


Hurricane’s choice for Texans: Shelter from the virus or the storm

Hurricane Hanna prompted officials and residents alike to rethink how and where to ride out a dangerous storm during a pandemic.
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A toxic travelogue

The first four stops on a tour tracing American history through its pollution.

Breast cancer: Hundreds of chemicals identified as potential risk factors

Researchers find nearly 300 chemicals linked to breast cancer-contributing hormones in everyday products, and call for a renewed focus on women's exposure risks.

My island does not want to be resilient. We want a reclamation.

Unlearning academic jargon to understand and amplify beauty and power in Puerto Rico.

Measuring Houston’s environmental injustice from space

Satellites show communities of color are far more exposed to pollution in Houston, offering a potential new way to close data gaps and tackle disparities.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The real story behind PFAS and Congress’ effort to clean up contamination: Op-ed

Former EPA official Jim Jones sets the record straight on 'the forever chemical' as lawmakers take up the PFAS Action Act

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