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Roy Wright: 2020 was a year of climate disasters - and a warning of more to come

If not for the pandemic, 2020 would likely be remembered as the year that climate change hit home.

Kazakhstan plans to bring Aral Sea’s landscape back to life

As environmental issues have long become some of the world's most pressing challenges, countries across the globe are looking for new solutions.

Fred Grimm: Even if deniers don’t, Florida insurers recognize the cost of climate change

If the insurers abandon us, the effect will be devastating as a natural disaster. Climate deniers haven't noticed, but pot has begun to boil.


Homes are becoming harder to insure thanks to climate change

Wildfires, floods and other climate-related natural disasters are driving up the cost of home insurance, while some properties are being dropped from coverage.


The West Coast's extreme heat and wildfires have another hidden danger

Affordable housing is at risk, and policymakers need to act now to protect it.

Trump sought to withhold California fire aid because of politics, former official says

The former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security claims in a political ad released Monday that President Trump tried to withhold disaster relief money for California's wildfires because voters in the state opposed him politically.

Hurricane’s choice for Texans: Shelter from the virus or the storm

Hurricane Hanna prompted officials and residents alike to rethink how and where to ride out a dangerous storm during a pandemic.

Weathering a pandemic and a hurricane

As the coronavirus continues to cause chaos, forecasters predict an above-normal hurricane season. State officials urge people in at-risk areas to plan now.

Eastern Kentucky is underwater, but you probably didn’t notice

An out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality can take hold when people lose their connection to nature.

Rains arrive in Australia’s bush-fire regions, but flooding is feared

Although it will bring some relief to firefighters, the precipitation is unlikely to extinguish more than a few blazes.

Flash floods strike Eastern Africa, displacing 370,000 people

Intense flooding hit several nations in eastern Africa recently, including Somalia, Kenya, and South Sudan.

Conflict and disaster force millions from their homes

Natural disasters such as cyclones and floods caused 7 million people to leave their homes, while a further 3.8 million fled conflict and violence.

Climate change: Communities hold the key to disaster preparedness

Far too often, we’ve witnessed the lingering effects of disasters and the impact that has on communities for years after an event.

River of no return

How austerity and climate change put northeastern Nebraska underwater.

From our Newsroom

The push for standing forest protections in US climate policy

Researchers say "proforestation" policies are the fastest and most effective way to draw excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

In defense of all species

From manatees to Labradoodles, let's treat them all with respect and dignity.

Moving forward after four years of fights and falsehoods

As the US turns the page on a skeptical and openly hostile administration, environmental science and journalism face continued obstacles—but there is some optimism.

Unplugged: Abandoned oil and gas wells leave the ocean floor spewing methane

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, and toothless regulation leaves climate warming gas emissions unchecked.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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