Russia′s nuclear play for power in Africa

Russia is pushing nuclear technology to African nations to both turn a profit and expand its political might on the continent.
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France pulls plug on country's oldest nuclear plant

France's oldest nuclear power plant will shut down after four decades in operation, to the delight of environmental activists who have long warned of contamination risks.


EU countries agree their green transition fund will not pay for move to nuclear or fossil gas

European Union countries have agreed that the bloc's flagship fund to wean regions off fossil fuels should not finance nuclear or natural gas projects, despite calls from some Eastern countries for gas to be eligible for EU funding.


Trump’s plans to use nuclear weapons on hurricanes challenged in new Democratic bill

In August, Donald Trump reportedly asked top national security officials to consider using nuclear bombs to weaken or destroy hurricanes. Now, one member of Congress wants to make it illegal for Mr Trump, or any president, to act on this idea.


Pa. businesses to get $2.2M in Department of Energy research grants

The U.S. Department of Energy is giving $2.2 million in 11 grants to small businesses in Pennsylvania to support research into areas including turbines, thermal energy storage and nuclear energy.


Toxic mud to be excavated from aging nuclear fuel plant

Nearly 40 years ago, the operators of a nuclear fuel plant near Columbia installed a liner in a treatment lagoon, hoping to trap radioactive and chemical waste before it could trickle into groundwater beneath the pond. Now, the lagoon liner is wearing out.


A Japanese nuclear power plant created a habitat for tropical fish

A small increase in water temperature near a Japanese nuclear power plant allowed tropical fish to colonise the area, suggesting global warming will drastically alter some marine ecosystems.


Earthquake, pollution threats at nuke plant raise concerns

South Carolina regulators are pressing the federal government to look more carefully at an atomic fuel plant's potential threat to Lower Richland before giving the factory a new 40 year license to operate.


Sea level rise ‘could threaten nuclear power station’ planned for UK, report claims

Rising sea levels and coastal erosion could pose a threat to two nuclear reactors planned to be built on the low-lying Suffolk coast, according to local councils and analysis by an independent environmental group.


Pramilla Malick and Jim Hansen: Closing Indian Point puts phantom risks ahead of real perils

'Shutting down Indian Point without building equivalent reliable renewable power is a catastrophic case of putting the cart before the horse, ensuring carbon lock-down for decades to come.'

Curtain lowers on nuke plant a stone's throw from Manhattan

With the push of a red button, one of the two operating reactors at an aging nuclear plant serving millions of people in the New York City area will shut down Thursday night as federal regulators consider the owner's proposal to sell it to a company that plans to demolish it.


A forest fire is currently burning near Chernobyl. What will happen if it gets there?

The Chernobyl nuclear accident happened 34 years ago this month, and now a new disaster could be bearing down on the region.


The U.S. nuclear deterrent is not prepared for climate catastrophe

By the Pentagon's own admission, extreme weather events at U.S. nuclear bases are going to happen more frequently - and are going to get worse. There's little evidence that military leadership is taking the threat seriously.


As the world turns to solar power, black Chicagoans jump on the bandwagon

"We all know coal mining is on its way to being extinct," Cheryl Johnson said. "The alternative is to look for more solar and less pollution. It should be available to everybody. It's just a right."

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