Plastic-tracking yacht adds splash of environmentalism to ocean racing

When he sets sail alone for a gruelling round-the-world yacht race this year Fabrice Amedeo will have a scientific mission: collecting microplastics.

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Ocean trash keeps rising. This ship sails to clean it up.

The United Nations has warned that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. One woman has made it her mission to reverse that trend.

Why climate investors may be missing out on a huge investment opportunity to reduce carbon

Plastic waste and climate change go together. In fact, the mismanagement of plastic waste is a serious contributor to climate change and a significant - but often overlooked - investment opportunity for climate investors.

Afdhel Aziz: How the ocean cleanup plans to work with brands to solve the problem of plastic

We need to both 'close the tap' of plastic flowing from rivers into oceans and at the same time remove the legacy plastic that presently exists in our oceans.

Ocean optimism: Study says we can restore marine health

The biggest challenge in reinstating global ocean health is mitigating the effects of climate change, the authors say.

Abu Dhabi to phase out disposable plastics

A far-reaching policy, including a ban on plastic bags within two years and a bottle-return scheme to encourage recycling, was announced to protect environment


Beaches clean-up: North coast visitors join litter challenge

The idea came from a local businesswoman, who was inspired by a primary school project.


Ocean plastic: How recycling creates tomorrow’s problems.

Sometimes plastic recycling is so much worse than just letting trash be trash.

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How Republican Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan teamed with a climate-crusading Democrat to pass an ocean cleanup bill

An unlikely friendship between a climate change champion from the East Coast and Alaska's junior U.S. senator paved the way for a bipartisan effort in Congress to begin ridding the ocean of plastic debris.

In Bali, young people lead the fight as a plastic plague threatens paradise

Bali has long grappled with plastic pollution both on land and in its seas. With the problem growing more acute, local organizations and youths are spearheading the fight against plastic waste.

Banning the bag a great step, but it's a speck of N.L.'s plastic pollution, says researcher

Plastic bags will be banned come July 1, but a Memorial University researcher says fishing gear needs tackling to really reduce plastic in N.L.'s environment.

'Aquaman' calls out Chris Pratt for posting photo holding plastic water bottle

"Aquaman! You're completely right," Pratt responded, "I don't want your home of Atlantis covered in plastic. Hear that kids? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle."


Plastic pollution kills half a million hermit crabs on remote islands

Experts fear species decline after huge number of deaths on Henderson and Cocos.


UW researchers study effects of microplastics on ocean life

As plastic decomposes, it breaks into smaller pieces, eventually turning into pieces of microplastics.
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