Battle over Suncor oil refinery intensifies as state weighs permit renewal, metro Denver residents demand closure

Metro Denver residents testifying in public hearings demanded closure of the problem-plagued Suncor Energy oil refinery, urging Colorado health officials not to renew the refinery's outdated operating permits that allow air pollution.

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In Colombia, Indigenous lands are ground zero for a wind energy boom

The northernmost tip of South America, home to the Indigenous Wayúu people, is the epicenter of Colombia's nascent wind energy industry. But Wayúu leaders are concerned that the government and wind companies are not dealing fairly with them.


EPA hits troubled Virgin Islands oil refinery with a violation notice

Limetree Bay Refinery, once one of the largest oil and gas refineries in the world, has had two serious accidents since reopening in February.

Sunoco failed to disclose some risks of Mariner East pipeline, was ‘negligent’ in response to concerns, judge rules

The ruling was far from a total victory for residents and local officials who had, among other things, sought additional measures to protect children, older people, and those with disabilities.

How Interior Secretary Deb Haaland could shape western lands

What might Deb Haaland's identity as an Indigenous person mean for how she'll manage the nation's public lands and waters?


Cities confront climate challenge: How to move from gas to electricity

Ending the use of fossil fuels to heat homes and buildings is a key challenge for cities hoping to achieve net-zero emissions. Nowhere is that more evident than in Philadelphia.


CNY faith leaders get behind efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependence, adopt renewable energy

Leaders from just about every faith in Central New York are throwing their support behind efforts to reduce or eliminate fossil fuel dependence.


3 battles could remake the oil and gas industry

From gas bans to renewable fuel standards, states are weighing or enacting policies that could shift the future of the oil and gas industry.

CNX Resources' new philanthropy is beefier, hyperlocal and focused on the return

Its corporate giving goals reflect the company's unique approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. While other oil and gas companies have made commitments, or at least nods, to decreasing carbon emissions to net-zero, CNX has made no such pledge.


New EPA chief Michael Regan relishes ‘clean slate’ after chaos of Trump era

The first black man to lead the EPA in half a century has a job on his hands at an agency reeling from setbacks – but he's confident he can meet the challenge.

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U.K. says its seabed is more valuable for environment than oil

The U.K.’s seabed is more valuable as a carbon sink absorbing pollution from industry than as a source of oil and natural gas, official estimates from the government’s Office for Nationals Statistics show.

Biden’s big bet: Tackling climate change will create jobs, not kill them

For decades, Democrats have countered opposition to "job-killing" environmental regulation by saying combatting climate change would create well-paying new jobs. President Biden is betting on it.

Biden infrastructure bill: What to expect on climate change

President Joe Biden this week is set to unveil details of a major infrastructure package that's expected to include record spending on mitigating climate change and accelerating a nationwide transition to clean energy.


Oregon officials: Illegally dumped radioactive fracking waste will stay in the ground

In 2019, a tipster from North Dakota alerted Oregon regulators that the Oregon landfill might have been accepting radioactive waste from a company disposing of solid waste from a project in the Bakken Formation — one of North America’s largest contiguous oil and natural gas deposits.

Joe Biden, citing climate change, halted oil and gas sales. What now?

President Joe Biden shut down oil and gas lease sales from the nation's vast public lands and waters in his first days in office. Now his administration has to figure out what do with the program without crushing a significant sector of the U.S. economy.

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Climate change, chaos, and cannibalism

Forty eight years ago, a sci-fi thriller predicted a future with all three—in the year 2022.

U.S. Steel abandons clean tech plans in Pittsburgh region following damning health study

The company scraps planned Pennsylvania investments and will instead shut down three polluting batteries in 2023. The announcement comes a week after a study shows lower lung function in people living near its Pittsburgh-region facility.

LISTEN: The allure of regenerative agriculture

"Every being is the full expression of themselves."

Fertility & Environmental Justice: A conversation with Shanna Swan and Annie Hoang

"These toxics chemicals are affecting you—not just the polar bears, the insects, and the birds."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

EHN talked to marine disease experts about the role of increasing ocean protection in combating rising disease rates.

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