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Portland city leaders vote to adopt climate emergency declaration

Portland city leaders have voted to adopt a climate emergency declaration, a step they say will strengthen the city's climate action approach to focus on climate justice and equity.

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COVID-19 complicates an already dire wildfire season

"None of us have ever had to do this before”: Firefighting teams innovate to avoid disease as they protect people.

Canby COVID 500 ‘seems’ to violate Gov. Brown’s order; no enforcement

A large, two-day event held just outside Canby that government agencies said appears to have violated Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's stay at home order may have skirted punishment, with no individual agency taking responsibility for enforcement.

California sues EPA for suspending pollution enforcement during coronavirus pandemic

California, along with eight other states, sued the EPA for suspending enforcement of air and water pollution monitoring and reporting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Study: More people of color live near Portland’s biggest air polluters

Research analyzing new air pollution data from the Cleaner Air Oregon program shows people of color are more likely to live near Portland's biggest polluters.

Pandemic deals blow to plastic bag bans, plastic reduction

In a matter of days, hard-won bans to reduce the use of plastics — and particularly plastic shopping sacks — across the U.S. have come under fire amid worries about the virus clinging to reusable bags, cups and straws.

“Comprehensive failure” on climate by 2020 Washington Legislature

The 2020 Washington Legislature made it official state policy to reduce production of planet-warming gases but failed to pass any significant measures that would meet those ambitious goals.

Oregon climate change: Governor’s new plan leans on supersizing the Clean Fuels Program

The Clean Fuels Program is one most Oregonians don't even know exists. And it's one that Republicans, and fossil fuels industry, have loved to hate. But it's been quietly tamping down state carbon emissions levels for four years, and at a low cost - so far.

Oregon governor plays to win

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has had enough of the GOP’s tactics to block the passage of a climate bill, so she took matters into her own hands.

Companies challenge Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup plan

In a petition submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week, four companies challenged the agency’s cleanup plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.

Oregon cap and trade: How would Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order let her use $5 million to carry out climate change policy

The Legislature’s emergency board appropriated $5 million Monday to fund rulemaking by the Department of Environmental Quality to set up a carbon cap and trade system that Gov. Kate Browns is set to establish via executive order.

Portland spearheads K-12 course in climate justice

Public school educators in Portland, Ore., have a plan to teach global warming that far surpasses lessons on climate models or atmospheric conditions.

How a Trump insider embeds climate denial in scientific research

An Interior Department official has pressed scientists to include misleading climate language—including debunked claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial—into their work.
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Op-ed: PFAS chemicals—the other immune system threat

"This global pandemic is scary for everyone and it's even scarier knowing your family has been exposed to chemicals that may hurt the immune system."

Join the “Agents of Change” discussion on research and activism

Four of the fellows who participated in the program this year will discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere.

The danger of hormone-mimicking chemicals in medical devices and meds

In an effort to bolster our health, we may be exposed to compounds that harm us. New research says physicians need to recognize and explain this hidden risk to patients.

A fracking giant's fall

Chesapeake Energy was a fracking pioneer on a meteoric rise. Last week, it fell to Earth.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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