This ambitious plan to clean Milwaukee’s rivers could make them swimmable

The next stage in the revival of Milwaukee's rivers aims much higher than being a nice setting for a lunch date or an afternoon of paddling.

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EPA letter criticizes Maryland over Chesapeake lawsuit threat

In a letter to members of Congress, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday maintained its support for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts while criticizing Maryland, which has threatened to take the agency to court.


Maine unlikely to alter goals to address climate change in light of new U.N. report

Maine Gov. Janet Mills says a new report from the United Nations that is calling for unprecedented cuts in greenhouse gas emissions is unlikely to change the state's own climate change goals.

Ryan Smith and Hallie Taylor own the Marietta Adventure Company. (Credit: Julie Grant/TheAllegheny Front)

One Ohio River town that’s using outdoor recreation to boost its economy

Every September, tourists flock to historic Marietta, along the banks of the Ohio River, for a celebration that harkens back to the Ohio Valley's early days.

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Maine has seen a record-breaking number of cases of a tick-borne disease this year

“The risk of tick-borne illnesses remains high through November, so we urge everyone to protect themselves from tick bites.”

How Maine tribes are adapting to climate change, threatening thousands of years of culture

In northern Maine, the Aroostook Band of Micmacs has for decades been trying to protect important tribal cultural resources, including traditional foods,

Scientists say more right whales are dying off Canada as climate change pushes food sources north

For the past several years, including this one, endangered North Atlantic right whales appear to have been bypassing traditional feeding grounds off Maine.


Without action, climate change will bring more dangerous heat days to Maine

A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that without swift action climate change will drive temperatures to dangerous heat levels across the

Fish and Wildlife Service sticks to pro-development stance on 28,000-home project

Reinstatement of a Phoenix developer's permit to build a 28,000-home project in Benson is likely now that federal agencies have stood by an earlier decision limiting its environmental reviews


Washington, D.C., tops the trust for Public Land ParkScore rankings

Congratulations to Washington, D.C., where 98% of people now live at most a 10-minute walk from green space.

Fishing closed at two North Pole lakes because of water contamination

Two North Pole area lakes have been closed to sport fishing and will not be restocked with fish because of water contamination.


Why Maine is seeing more record high temperatures

Since 2010, Maine has broken five daytime record high temperatures for every record low temperature.

New England states fear increased mercury contamination as EPA considers weakening rules

Scientists are speaking out about what they say have been "remarkable improvements" in curbing mercury emissions under Obama-era regulations that are now under threat by the Trump administration.

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