Dayak women of Indonesia resist gender inequality exacerbated by palm oil production

Indigenous Dayak women have found diverse and creative strategies to sustain their livelihoods.

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Journo arrested for reporting on palm oil tycoon’s alleged land grab

Diananta Putra Sumedi had published an online article quoting indigenous Dayak villagers complaining about alleged land grabbing by the company.

Obstacles abound in bid to protect Indonesia’s forests and cut emissions

Deforestation and land-use change are the main drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia.


These 50 animals are in peril. Here’s how you can help

From conserving water to shopping more wisely, here are some simple tips to help save the world’s animals from extinction.

Land conflicts escalate with spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Companies embroiled in land disputes with rural communities in Indonesia appear to be using the lull in oversight during the COVID-19 outbreak to strengthen their claims, activists say.

Coconut farmers in Southeast Asia struggle as palm oil muscles in on them

As the palm oil industry expands, helped along by generous government subsidies, coconut farmers are struggling to adapt.

Palm oil firm has farmers jailed for harvesting from land it stole from them

Activists say the case is emblematic of how corporations can weaponize law enforcement against communities over land disputes.

PepsiCo renews sustainable palm oil policy to close supplier loophole

PepsiCo has updated its palm oil sustainability policy to require all its suppliers to commit to ending deforestation, conversion of pealands, and worker exploitation.

Bill Gates just invested in lab-grown palm oil from C16 Biosciences

The destruction of rain forest to make room for more palm oil production is one of the leading causes of climate change. C16 Biosciences wants to offer companies another source.

Subsistence farming topples forests near commercial operations in Congo

A new study has found that deforestation for subsistence agriculture often occurs nearby commercial logging, mining and agriculture operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


How do we go palm oil free?

It is a wonder product used in everything from confectionery to construction. But our addiction to palm oil is costing the Earth through deforestation. Can we replace it?

Report identifies tycoons controlling site of new Indonesian capital

The site for Indonesia's planned new capital city overlaps with 162 coal mining and pulpwood plantation concessions, a report by a coalition of NGOs has revealed.


Indonesian palm oil firm hit with $1.8m fine for 2015 fires

The ministry has welcomed the recent judgment, but has yet to collect on any of the combined $224 million it's been awarded in similar cases.

Supertrees: Meet Indonesia’s mangrove, the tree that stores carbon underground

Indonesia’s mangroves are an incredibly effective tool against climate change — but they’re being cut down to grow shrimp and palm oil for you.

Revealed: Government officials say permits for mega-plantation in Papua were falsified

An area nearly the size of Paris has already been cleared on the basis of the allegedly fraudulent permits, cutting a hole in a vast stretch of rainforest on the island of New Guinea.

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