Living close to major roads leads to higher risk of Parkinson’s and dementia: UBC study

Proximity to sources of air pollution can affect neurological health — but green space has protective effects.

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Shipping pollution regulations 'could harm food chain'

Use of 'scrubbers' to cut air pollution increases pollutants pumped into sea, UN report says.


Study shows smoke from burning wood along the Wasatch Front dramatically reduced

A new study shows Utah's campaign against burning wood or other solid fuel during an inversion has grown increasingly effective.


On the hook for Clean Air Act damages, Diesel Brothers lose bid for settlement conference

The Diesel Brothers have lost a bid for a court-mediated settlement conference they hoped could soften the blow of impending Clean Air Act monetary penalties.

A Texas community chokes on fecal dust from cattle feedlots

Southwest Feedyard holds 45,000 head of cattle in bare-dirt pens for months at a time, fattening the animals on flaked corn before sending them to slaughter.

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Pittsburgh's air was unsafe to breathe for 3 months in 2018

PITTSBURGH—The air in Pittsburgh was unsafe to breathe for three months in 2018, according to a new report from the PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center.

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China funds coal plants in Bosnia as residents protest air quality

Fine particle levels in Sarajevo have exceeded WHO limits every day in January.

Air pollution from Oregon woodstoves rival that from wildfires

Wildfires aren’t the only thing threatening air quality in Oregon.

Cairo is so polluted it made me realize how lucky Americans really are

Cairo, Egypt is one of the world's most polluted cities. I visited and found, even after a day, I could feel effects on my breathing, sleep, and skin.

India's capital chokes as pollution levels hit the worst this year

Pollution levels in New Delhi have hit their worst this year in the past two days - earning a "severe" to "emergency" rating and indicating conditions that can spark a public health crisis.

Trump’s air pollution adviser: Clean air saves no lives

The chairman of the EPA’s smog and soot panel has made his living challenging health findings on behalf of industry.

Nigeria has some of the world’s most polluted cities—and that isn’t about to change

In Africa's most populous country, dangerously high PM2.5 concentrations are inextricably linked with some of Nigeria's most intractable problems.

As pollution levels rise, doctors call for delay in Delhi half marathon

Doctors have called for the postponement of Delhi's half marathon set for October 21, as air pollution has worsened sooner in the year than usual, posing a risk to runners.

Supreme Court takes note of Bengaluru's fight against graphite plant

After NDTV's report on widespread pollution by graphite plant in Bengaluru's bustling Whitefield, the Supreme Court has decided to take up the case and issued a notice to Graphite India Limited.

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