Soil cleanup to begin at contaminated ballfield at Bethpage Comm

The field was shut down 18 years ago after it was discovered the land donated by Grumman to the Town of Oyster Bay was from toxic dumping ground. 
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EPA says Housatonic River cleanup on track despite pandemic

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the COVID-19 pandemic is not delaying the cleanup of the Housatonic River.

Companies challenge Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup plan

In a petition submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week, four companies challenged the agency’s cleanup plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.

Arctic exploitation may harm animals large and small

As the region warms, ignorance about creatures ranging from plankton to whales leaves them vulnerable to human activities.

Mussels fetched from Kitsap waters give insight into contamination

Shellfish monitored through the Mussel Watch program help researchers keep tabs on what's lurking in Puget Sound.

EPA's new waters rule may affect oversight of Los Alamos stormwater

"Ephemeral waters" created by heavy rains are excluded, even if they drain into navigable rivers. That would disqualify Los Alamos' runoff.

EPA to clean up Donna superfund site

Nearly 30 years after carcinogens were first detected, and 12 years after the Environmental Protection Agency officially declared it a superfund site, the Donna Reservoir will soon undergo a massive cleanup effort.

Chicago on the hook for Lake Michigan dump costs

Community organizations and environmental advocates are raising concerns over the storage of highly toxic pollutants including PCBs and heavy metals such as mercury on the lakefront.

In Housatonic River deal with GE, towns agree to toxic waste dump in the Berkshires

GE polluted the river with PCBs for decades from its former transformer plant in Pittsfield.

Acme Power Plant site clean-up planned for 2025

Site assessments in 2017 revealed contaminants including asbestos, lead, PCBs and mold.

EPA unveils new Housatonic cleanup plan for Berkshire County

Reaction is mixed today after the U.S. EPA announced an agreement to carry out a new cleanup of the polluted Housatonic River.


$1.5 million from GE settlement to fund 6 Housatonic River watershed restoration projects

A plan is in place to use $1.5 million from a 2000 settlement over General Electric's contamination of the Housatonic River to restore brook trout habitat, launch an environmental education program and pay for several other habitat restoration and land conservation projects.

Questions remain about using treated sewage on farms

Spreading biosolids—which include human and industrial waste—on farmland helps cut down on synthetic fertilizer. But it may also pollute water supplies and expose people to harmful chemicals.

State OKs ninefold expansion of hazardous waste company's storage

The US Ecology facility near the Hamtramck border takes in PCBs, mercury, arsenic and PFAS among many other toxic chemicals.

PCBs in Monroe County, Indiana: When will they be gone?

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation contaminated multiple areas in Monroe County with PCBs by dumping their products in area landfills and dumps.

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