Group hopes grand jury report will put health at center of fracking debate

The report outlines health problems of people living near fracking wells. The Environmental Health Project says it's about time public health take center stage.
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House passes bill to require legislative approval for emissions tax

Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled House of Representatives moved to ensure that it can block Gov. Tom Wolf from imposing a price on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants as part of a multi-state effort, although the bill is destined for a veto.


A legal victory for landowners fighting pipelines

A federal appeals court said the agency in charge of interstate pipelines cannot indefinitely delay landowners appeals of pipeline projects.

Ohio Valley coal companies get tens of millions in paycheck protection loans

Five subsidiaries of Lexington, Kentucky’s bankrupt Blackhawk Mining received loans totalling as much as $14 million.

PA attorney general joins 15 other asking court to require EPA to set methane pollution standards

Attorney General Josh Shapiro joined 15 other states, cities and the Environmental Defense Fund in filing a motion in federal court to require the U.S. EPA to set methane pollution standards for existing oil and gas operations.


Competing reports offer different outlook on Ohio Valley's petrochemical future

Environmental groups and some financial analysts are warning the risk is growing for plastics and petrochemical manufacturers.


PES site’s new owner envisions an ‘environmentally conscious’ commercial hub

Hilco's plan is to transform the 1,300-acre site into a multimillion-dollar distribution and commercial hub, ending a legacy of 150 years of oil refining on the property.


Department of Health says it is looking into fracking public health risks following grand jury report

The report found that the department had failed to determine whether hydraulic fracturing was putting people at risk.

Pennsylvania hearings enable residents to speak on methane emissions

For three hours Tuesday through Thursday, Pennsylvanians could testify at hearings conducted by the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board on a proposed rule to control volatile organic compounds emissions from oil and natural gas sources.


Fracking pioneer Chesapeake files for bankruptcy protection

NEW YORK (AP) — Chesapeake Energy, a shale drilling pioneer that helped to turn the United States into a global energy powerhouse, has filed for bankruptcy protection.


Republican lawmakers defend shale gas industry after grand jury report says state failed to protect public

Some GOP lawmakers reacted to the report by saying the shale gas industry is “one of the most regulated in the nation,” and they were “offended” at the report’s characterization of the industry.

PA: draft 2020 water quality report found 25,468 miles of streams have impaired water quality

The top three major sources of water quality impairment identified in the 2020 report are agricultural runoff, abandoned mine runoff, and stormwater.


Pa. grand jury report on fracking: DEP failed to protect public health

A Pennsylvania grand jury two years in the making report slammed the Department of Environmental Protection for failing to protect the public from the health effects of fracking.

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