EPA opts against limits on water contaminant tied to fetal damage

A new E.P.A. policy on perchlorate, which is used in rocket fuel, would revoke a 2011 finding that the chemical should be regulated.
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Questions remain about using treated sewage on farms

Spreading biosolids—which include human and industrial waste—on farmland helps cut down on synthetic fertilizer. But it may also pollute water supplies and expose people to harmful chemicals.

California eyeing lower standard for perchlorate in drinking water

California plans to halve the level at which water suppliers must test for perchlorate in drinking water.

Colfax waste complex's open burning of explosives could be halted after Louisiana says it will deny permit

State regulators are threatening to deny a vital permit to a company that burns and detonates explosive material in the open air in North Louisiana.


Toxic chemicals can enter food through packaging, so we made a list

Environmental NGO EDF has identified toxic chemicals of concern that must be addressed to ensure health and safety.

Fireworks chemicals found in tap water

The amount of perchlorate found in tap water is on the low side but when combined with the higher amounts found in other sources like dust and food grown on contaminated soil, it could pose a danger to children's health.


Treatment planned to bring closed Falmouth well back online

Officials still do not know the source of a contaminant found two years ago in the protection zone for a municipal well on Old Barnstable Road.


The dangerous food additive that’s not on the label

Perchlorate, a byproduct of bleach and packaging, is found in organic, conventional, and bulk foods alike—and it has an outsized impact on children's health.

The dangerous food additive that’s not on the label

Perchlorate, a byproduct of bleach and packaging, is found in organic, conventional, and bulk foods alike - and it has an outsized impact on children's health.


New testing begins after chemical linked to thyroid issues found in water at NC school

Scientists were at Lake Norman High School Tuesday to start a second round of testing after perchlorate was detected in the water on campus.


Black residents cite environmental racism as reason for pollution

In Uniontown, Ala., a landfill next to a historic black cemetery overflows with coal ash. A cheese plant leaks lime green sludge into a creek, and tap water is undrinkable. Complaints from the town's residents, who are mostly black and poor, have not led to any action.

Imperial Valley air monitoring program raised red flag. No one did anything

'You don't want to find out you're sick if you can't do anything about it.'


State officials say continue caution when it comes to water

The death toll in North Carolina from Hurricane Florence currently stands at 39. In New Hanover County, an 85-year old man died from an infected cut after cleaning storm debris. Much of the storm-related pollution, and risk for infection, is in the water.


Baltimore approves study of toxic chemicals in Back River in hopes of figuring out how to get rid of them

Traces of toxic chemicals have persisted in waterways, including in the Chesapeake Bay, for decades since the U.S. government banned their use. A new study in Maryland could help explain how the polychlorinated biphenyls continue to wash into the Baltimorea area's Back River.
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