Schumer asks Navy to expand study of drinking water near Grumman site in Calverton

Sen. Chuck Schumer is asking for a deeper look into whether potentially harmful chemicals from the former naval weapons site have seeped into drinking water.

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The list of military sites with suspected ‘forever chemicals’ contamination has grown

But the Pentagon did not say where the sites are or the extent of the contamination, if any.

Denmark targets ban on all fluorinated chemicals in FCMs

Denmark "can become the first country in the world" to ban the entire group of organic fluorinated compounds in cardboard and paper food contact materials (FCMs).


Tyco waited 4 years to disclose toxics in Wisconsin drinking wells

State records show Tyco Fire Products had test results of soil and well contamination on its property dating back to October 2013 for a class of compounds known as perfluorinated chemicals.


Florida Fire College water contamination effects not clear, cause frustration

Miriam Flores just wants to know that she and her family will be OK. Right now, no one can say for sure, leaving her scared and frustrated.


FAA: Housing is an incompatible use at Pease

Both committee members and Pease Development Authority staff raised various issues that could make it difficult to put housing at the former Pease Air Force Base, a Superfund cleanup site.


Stuart to spend $2 million to boost ability to clean chemicals from water

Stuart's water-treatment plant is adding a $2 million system to better remove PFC chemicals from the water supply.

Wasserman Schultz calls for federal query over Ocala water

South Florida U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called out to the EPA and U.S. Attorney General’s office, requesting the agencies better regulate and monitor water contamination.

Delgado looking for expanded federal role in aiding Hoosick Falls

U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado is taking over the portfolio on easing water contamination in Hoosick Falls, and more broadly the fight to restore regulatory teeth to President Trump's Environmental Protection Agency.


Florida officials delayed telling residents about tainted water, emails show

Linda Lawson thought little of drinking from the decades-old well in her backyard, less than half a mile from the Florida State Fire College in Ocala. That changed when state workers came knocking with a request to test the water.


High PFAS levels found at Michigan horse farm

Total PFAS of 183 ppt was found at a home and Arabian horse farm in Robinson Township.

Sick former Florida Fire College workers sue chemical firms

Six former employees of Florida’s state fire college in Ocala have joined a class-action lawsuit against flame retardant manufacturers like 3M and Tyco.

Ex-workers at Florida State Fire College file suit

Six former employees and two of their spouses have filed a class-action lawsuit against manufacturers of firefighting suppressants, which they claim led them to develop various cancers and diseases from exposure.


Cancer-causing chemicals in drinking water lead to increased testing

Public water supplies are increasing tests for chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases because millions of Americans may now be exposed to the toxins.

New Mexico: Air Force is violating state water law at Cannon AFB

The state of New Mexico says the U.S. Air Force needs to immediately develop a plan to protect dairies from chemicals at Cannon Air Force Base.

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