British, Australian food standard differences causing angst in free trade deal

Differences in food and agriculture standards between the United Kingdom and Australia have emerged as issues for British farmers, as the two nations get closer to a trade deal.
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The fight to bring monarchs back

It’s not a pretty picture: Malibu used to be home to three of the top 50 overwintering sites for monarch butterflies back in 1997 when annual monarch counts first began.

AltEn ethanol plant loses conditional use permit after unanimous vote

This comes as the ethanol plant has been cited for using pesticide-treated seed corn which can be harmful to people and animals.


Washington State Dept of Ecology maps show just how many neighborhoods may have lead, arsenic in the soil

Years ago, pesticides containing dangerous chemicals were spread across orchard lands in the Yakima valley. Today, many of those orchards are now neighborhoods, with those toxic chemicals still contaminating soil in gardens and backyards.


A vaccine to save the bees: New treatment provides immunity from some pesticides

There's a lot of buzz around a newly developed technology that protects bees from deadly pesticides.

NSW’s plan to use more potent mouse plague poison could devastate threatened parrots, experts say

The New South Wales government should be blocked from using a more potent poison to deal with the state's mouse plague after reports emerged of a mass bird death, BirdLife Australia and scientists say.


‘I don’t know who will still be here in five years’: Texas vineyards sue over dicamba damage

The lawsuit raises the question of what’s next for specialty crop farmers, many of whom have said dicamba damage limits their ability to grow their products and make a living.

Beekeepers vs. Mennonites: Two traditional cultures clash in Mexico

Maya beekeepers see their way of life threatened by rapidly growing Mennonite farms.


Swiss mired in poisonous row over pesticides

The idyllic image of peaceful Swiss Alpine pastures is being shattered by upcoming votes on pesticides which have sharply divided opinion in rural Switzerland.


A tiny pest, a big crossroads for California citrus

Citrus greening disease hasn't officially hit the state yet, but farmers may be required to cut back on the use of neonicotinoids, the main tool used to control the pest that carries it, because of its impact on pollinators.

California’s monarch butterflies are down 99%. Can this plant help?

A coalition of conservation groups have partnered with the state to add 30,000 milkweed plants in an attempt to restore the species’ population.

Scientists develop a pollen grain–sized "medicine" that could save bees from pesticide poisoning

Humans are dependent on bees for survival — while bees have been dying at the hands of human pesticides.

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Invasives and invasions pit humans versus nature.

Solar geoengineering: Scientists decry a 'foolish' idea

Ideas to dim the sun 'ignore the root cause' of the climate crisis – and create a cascade of unintended problems, scientists and activists say

Is it up to consumers, businesses, or politicians to tackle toxics? All of the above.

We all have a role to play in ridding our shelves of unhealthy products that are more likely to end up harming low-income families.

LISTEN: A trip down the crooked river

"Now that the water is clean, now that the fish are back ... it is so clean and glorious that everybody wants to be there."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Nurdlemania: Behind the climate crisis lurks the plastics crisis. Be ready.

A container ship accident off the Sri Lankan coast is a stark reminder of the "other" planetary problem.

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