Group says tighter radiation controls of drilling waste needed

The patchwork of radiation protection laws for oil and gas waste in the U.S. is “inconsistent,” said an official with the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, which provides expertise on radiation protection for a number of different industries.
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Millions in state forest gas lease spending ruled unconstitutional by Pa. Supreme Court

The state is not expected to have to pay back the $383 million that was transferred from a restricted conservation fund to balance budgets.

Cheswick coal-fired power station, last in Allegheny County, will stay open until April

The 565-megawatt coal-fired power station in Springdale was initially scheduled to retire in mid-September.

Whistleblowers say 'bad seeds' undermine pipeline safety

Two former inspectors say they were "run off" after flagging problems on an ethane pipeline near Pittsburgh. Their claims highlight builders' control over safety checks.

Pennsylvania regulators propose new pipeline rules where industry says none are needed

The proposed rules don’t follow industry recommendations but also don’t go as far as some environmental and citizen groups requested.

Study: Southwestern Pennsylvanians would benefit from improved air quality due to proposed Biden climate policy

A new study shows that the Biden climate policy would have a $1 trillion impact on health benefits and save thousands of lives.

Pennsylvania PUC seeks comment on $1 million fine for Beaver County pipeline blast

As part of the fine, the company would agree to several added safety precautions, including more inspections and additional monitoring for landslides along its route. 

Southwestern PA network takes on "unnecessary" environmental risks for cancer

Doctors, researchers, activists and cancer survivors hope to prevent cancers linked to environmental pollution.

Editorial: Fracking’s use of EPA-approved chemicals shows again that regulators prioritize industry over health

The EPA, in prioritizing industry over its mandate to protect the environment, has infringed on Pennsylvania’s right to pure water and our health and safety.

PUC approves $1 million settlement over 2018 Revolution Pipeline explosion in Pennsylvania

Energy Transfer LP will pay a $1 million fine to settle safety violations over a fiery 2018 natural gas pipeline explosion that destroyed a home in Western Pennsylvania.


The “twin crises” of high cancer rates and exposure to toxics in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH—A group of local physicians, researchers, community advocates, and elected officials released a declaration today calling for action on cancer-causing pollutants in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Gov. Wolf's carbon-cutting plan for power plants gets key approval

Pennsylvania, whose power sector releases more climate-warming pollution than many countries, took a major step toward requiring its fossil fuel power plants to begin paying to emit carbon dioxide Tuesday, with a vote by its environmental rule-making board.

Long-time environmental journalist reflects on his beat in Pittsburgh

Don Hopey reported on the environment for more than 25 years. He says climate change is the story of our lifetimes.

EPA-approved fracking chemicals include substances that form ‘forever chemicals’

Companies that drill for natural gas in Pennsylvania have used EPA-approved PFAS or pre-cursors to PFAS in fracking operations in other states, according to a report by Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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Researchers find nearly 300 chemicals linked to breast cancer-contributing hormones in everyday products, and call for a renewed focus on women's exposure risks.

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Unlearning academic jargon to understand and amplify beauty and power in Puerto Rico.

Measuring Houston’s environmental injustice from space

Satellites show communities of color are far more exposed to pollution in Houston, offering a potential new way to close data gaps and tackle disparities.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The real story behind PFAS and Congress’ effort to clean up contamination: Op-ed

Former EPA official Jim Jones sets the record straight on 'the forever chemical' as lawmakers take up the PFAS Action Act

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