Group hopes grand jury report will put health at center of fracking debate

The report outlines health problems of people living near fracking wells. The Environmental Health Project says it's about time public health take center stage.
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PennFuture lawsuit says EPA must update federal regulations for coke ovens

A coalition of environmental groups has prevailed in a federal lawsuit asserting that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency failed to regulate pollution from coke ovens around the country, including the Clairton Coke Works.

Plastic Pollution

Reports: Work at Shell cracker plant will stop because of increase in coronavirus cases

There have been nine confirmed COVID-19 cases at Shell Chemical’s new ethane cracker plant in Beaver County, according to a company spokesperson.

Pa. House moves to block RGGI entrance as DEP estimates it will save money and lives

The House voted 130-71 Wednesday to prevent the state joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative through executive action.

Pittsburgh’s parks tax that prioritized equity likely won’t be collected this year, despite equity protests and a rise in park use

The original debate over the tax centered around what it meant to spend the money equitably. Since then, Black Lives Matter protests across Pittsburgh have put the issue of equity front-and-center, drawing attention — and often support — from council.


A legal victory for landowners fighting pipelines

A federal appeals court said the agency in charge of interstate pipelines cannot indefinitely delay landowners appeals of pipeline projects.

Unhealthy smog accompanies heat wave

Three Allegheny County Health Department monitors register high ground-level ozone readings with more high readings likely.


PA attorney general joins 15 other asking court to require EPA to set methane pollution standards

Attorney General Josh Shapiro joined 15 other states, cities and the Environmental Defense Fund in filing a motion in federal court to require the U.S. EPA to set methane pollution standards for existing oil and gas operations.


The next energy battle: Renewables vs. natural gas

As coal declines and wind and solar energy rise, some are pushing to limit the use of natural gas, but utilities say they are not ready to do so.

U.S. Conference of Mayors resolution urges fossil fuel divestiture

Mayor Bill Peduto is one of 16 cosponsoring a resolution from the U.S. Conference on Mayors urging cities to divest themselves from investments in fossil fuels and support greener options.


Household chemicals that harm fish were found in Susquehanna River. This research aims to help

Lead scientist Katie Hayden plans to publish recommendations for products people can use that don't have the harmful chemicals, which are called endocrine-disrupting compounds.


In solar project, Pitt looks to the sky in latest renewable energy endeavor

The University of Pittsburgh has signed an agreement to buy all of the solar energy produced by a planned local solar plant, which amounts to about 13% of the Oakland campus's energy consumption.


Department of Health says it is looking into fracking public health risks following grand jury report

The report found that the department had failed to determine whether hydraulic fracturing was putting people at risk.

State awards $49K for environmental education in Allegheny County

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Friday announced the award of more than $49,000 in environmental education grants for six programs in Allegheny County.


‘I’m just so angry’: Residents welcome grand jury report slamming Pa. oversight of fracking industry

Breathing problems, unexplained illness, constant noise, light and smell of chemicals—all problems caused to residents by the oil and gas industry, a statewide grand jury found. None of it sounded new to those who have been living near well pads and pipelines for years.

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With job loss and stifled development in the renewable energy sector, economists, politicians, and advocates say policy action is necessary to stay on track.

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