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Pittsburgh's air was unsafe to breathe for 3 months in 2018

"There's at least one day a week where just breathing the air in Pittsburgh while you're just going about your day puts your health at risk"

PITTSBURGH—The air in Pittsburgh was unsafe to breathe for three months in 2018, according to a new report from the PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center.

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GASP, Patagonia Pittsburgh team up to get word out on H2S

The Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) is teaming up with Patagonia Pittsburgh to let people know: It's well past time we do something about the often pervasive rotten egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide emissions by meeting the H2S standard—one that is exceeded dozens of times each year in Allegheny County.


Allegheny county elected officials call for crackdown on industrial pollution

More than 60 elected officials from Allegheny County signed an open letter calling for clean air in our region.

Cleaner air, but not clean enough for Mon Valley, Pennsylvania,  residents

Mon Valley residents air complaints about pollution as county health department touts 2018 improvements and vows to make sure they continue.
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Pittsburgh’s air quality continues to decline, new report finds

PITTSBURGH—For the second year in a row, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, was the only U.S. county outside of California to receive all F's in the American Lung Association's national air quality report card.

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The air in Pittsburgh is unsafe to breathe for about four months a year, according to a new report

PITTSBURGH—Pittsburgh is one of 10 major cities in the country to experience elevated levels of air pollution for more than 100 days a year, according to a new report from the PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center.

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Allegheny County is being sued for spending Clean Air funds on an office renovation project

PITTSBURGH—Two environmental advocacy groups are suing Allegheny County to stop the health department from using Clean Air funds for an office renovation project.

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Environmentalists say Allegheny County’s air quality is a repellent to companies like Amazon

Allegheny County has some of the worst air quality in the U.S., and environmentalist and grassroots group say it’s hurting our prospects of attracting newcomers.

A clash over how Allegheny County should spend millions collected from the region’s polluters

How should Allegheny County spend the $11.8 million in fines it's collected from companies polluting more than their air permits allow?

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