Bozeman commission to review climate plan, which will be the city's 'roadmap' for decades

The Bozeman Climate Plan sets goals for significantly reducing emissions, even as Bozeman continues to grow in population.

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Ireland is Dublin down on climate

The Supreme Court of Ireland handed environmental campaigners a win last week, ruling that the Irish government's climate plan doesn't go far enough to cut carbon emissions and prevent dangerous climate change.


Environmental contamination concerns taint Oscar Mayer redevelopment plan

Years in the making, the 58-page Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan includes just one mention of contaminated soil, which it acknowledges is "a factor that can potentially impact the financial viability of redevelopment and will need to be addressed prior to any redevelopment projects."


Climate change action plan delayed until end of 2020

The Scottish Government will not produce its updated climate change action plan until the end of this year, the environment secretary had said.


Murphy announces plan for 100% clean energy by 2050

The first-term Democratic governor announced the plan at Stockton University alongside two Cabinet officials who will be carrying the plan out.


Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate plan ready

Spain's new government declared a national climate emergency on Tuesday, taking a formal first step toward enacting ambitious measures to fight climate change.


Elizabeth Warren unveils environmental justice plan

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday detailed a new environmental justice plan aimed at bolstering and protecting vulnerable communities on the front lines of the climate crisis.


Inside the Trump administration's chaotic dismantling of the federal land agency

Internal records from the BLM contradict what its chief told Congress about a plan to ship 200 D.C.-based career staff out West. The plan would weaken the agency, which stands between federal lands and oil, gas and mineral companies.


McKenna denies claim carbon tax may exceed $50 a tonne

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the government’s carbon tax will not surpass $50 per tonne as initially pledged, despite claims from opposition the Liberals are walking back on their commitment.

Ditch cars to meet climate change targets, say MPs

MPs say people will have to stop driving if the UK is to meet its Zero Carbon goals by 2050.

Joe Biden accused of plagiarizing parts of climate-change plan

Joe Biden released his plan to combat climate change on Tuesday and was promptly accused of plagiarizing parts of the proposal.

Trudeau’s action plan on climate change brings B.C. politician out of retirement

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party's action plan on climate change has brought one former British Columbia politician out of retirement and back into the arena.

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Amazon employee climate change proposal fails shareholder meeting vote

Amazon is already doing a lot to reduce its carbon footprint - but employees say it's not enough.


Climate change can't be ignored, demands our action

According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), we have less than 12 years to avert the consequences of catastrophic climate change, with worsening food shortages, rising sea levels, floods and wildfires.


What should a climate change “plan” look like?

Anyone with a 3-digit IQ can do a bit of googling and come up with a set of policies to reduce carbon emissions. But a plan—now that's a different thing.

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Resumption of normal life in the United States under a herd immunity approach would result in an enormous death toll by all estimates.

My urban nature gem

Thanks to the Clean Water Act and one relentless activist, Georgia's South River may finally stop stinking.

Dust from your old furniture likely contains harmful chemicals—but there’s a solution

Researchers find people's exposure to PFAS and certain flame retardants could be significantly reduced by opting for healthier building materials and furniture.

Hormone-mimicking chemicals harm fish now—and their unexposed offspring later

Fish exposed to harmful contaminants can pass on health issues such as reproductive problems to future generations that had no direct exposure.

How Europe’s wood pellet appetite worsens environmental racism in the US South

An expanding wood pellet market in the Southeast has fallen short of climate and job goals—instead bringing air pollution, noise and reduced biodiversity in majority Black communities.

America re-discovers anti-science in its midst

Fauci, Birx, Redfield & Co. are in the middle of a political food fight. They could learn a lot from environmental scientists.

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