New Seasons Market to eliminate the sale of single use water bottles by Earth Day

The Northwest grocery store chain New Seasons Market announced it will eliminate the sale of single use bottles of water in all of its stores by Earth Day, to continue its work to reduce plastic waste in local communities.

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Opinion: Amazon uses a lot of plastic. It doesn’t have to.

The world’s biggest online retailer must become a leader in reducing single-use packaging.

Oregon spearheads plastic pollution legislation

A new report from the Ocean Conservancy said nearly 100 percent of volunteers found PPE at coastal cleanup sites, including in Oregon, with face masks the most common item.


Canadian bill banning plastic exports passes through committee

A bill proposing to ban exports of non-recyclable plastic waste from Canada to foreign countries narrowly passed through a parliamentary committee Wednesday.

Opinion: I thought I’d seen it all studying plastics. Then my team found 2,000 bags in a camel

After two decades at sea, I thought I had seen it all. But the camels were a whole new level of appalling.

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Masks and gloves are saving lives - and causing pollution

Disposable masks, gloves and other types of personal protective equipment are safeguarding untold lives during the coronavirus pandemic. They're also creating a worldwide pollution problem, littering streets and sending an influx of harmful plastic and other waste into landfills, sewage systems and oceans.


Hygiene fears override concerns for the planet as single-use plastic waste soars

Household plastic waste from supermarkets rose three times faster than expected last year because of Covid fears, a Telegraph analysis has found, as the Government pledges to "redouble our efforts" to stem the tide of single-use plastics.


California first to tackle microplastics in drinking water

Huge gaps exist in scientific knowledge, but California is about to set the world's first health guidelines for microplastics in drinking water. Yet no one agrees how to test water for the tiny bits of plastic, or how dangerous they are.


The Australian government unveils plan to end plastic pollution

With the National Plastic Plan, Australia aims to address challenges with biodegradable, recyclable and compostable plastics, which aren't as good as they seem.

Countries tried to curb trade in plastic waste. The U.S. is shipping more

Data shows that American exporters continue to ship plastic waste overseas, often to poorer countries, even though most of the world has agreed to not accept it.

Disposable plastic face masks pose huge environmental risks, with 3 million used a minute, researchers warn

The huge demand for face masks in the year since the coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe has resulted in enormous production of disposable masks, but it is now feared that undisposed of properly, they pose a major threat to the natural world.


New research shows just how many fish are eating plastic

A new study reveals that certain kinds of fish are more likely to have ingested plastic — including hundreds of species people depend on for food.

Report paints alarming picture of plastic pollution in Lehigh Valley streams

Pennsylvania’s bodies of water, including the Lehigh and Delaware rivers and Little Lehigh Creek, are facing an environmental enemy called microplastics, according to new data.
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These environmental reporters told you so

Florida's Piney Point is the latest predicted disaster. Maybe we should start listening to these folks?

Racism, inequities move to the center of the climate debate

COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter protests threw underlying systemic inequity magnifying climate change impacts into sharp relief.

More than 2 million Americans exposed to high levels of strontium in drinking water

The unregulated metal can harm bone development in children.

LISTEN: Veena Singla on turning science into policy

"I love science … but many of the aspects that were my strengths in science don't necessarily fit with an academic research career."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Fractured: Buffered from fracking but still battling pollution

A statewide network of fracking and conventional wells, pipelines, and petrochemical plants closes in on communities.

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