Hungarian President calls on Ukraine, Romania to stop polluting rivers

Hungary's president called on Ukraine and Romania to stop polluting two major rivers that flow across Hungary after floods in the past weeks brought in "dirty carpets" of plastic bottles from its neighbours.

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Fishing for pollution: Patagonia gives nets new life in its apparel

Discarded fishing nets are one of the most harmful forms of ocean pollution. Now, they're getting recycled.

Another reason to cut down on plastics

This month, millions of people across 177 countries have pledged to cut down on the amount of plastic they use, including by using environmentally conscious face masks.

Plastic Pollution

Turkish diver decries plastic pollution in Bosphorus

Turkey's multiple world-record holder Sahika Ercumen dived into the Bosphorus Strait on Tuesday to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the seas.


Janice Brahney: You’re probably inhaling microplastics right now

A new study found plentiful evidence of these tiny particles in dust in the nation’s most remote places.
Plastic Pollution

Plastic 'has entered' Antarctic terrestrial food chain

Scientists have found bits of polystyrene in the guts of tiny, soil-dwelling organisms in the Antarctic, raising concern that microplastics pollution has already "deeply" entered the world's most remote land-based food systems.


Who's to blame for plastic microfiber pollution?

Tiny bits of plastic are corrupting every corner of the planet. The major culprits: cheap synthetic clothing and washing machines.

How a toothbrush could help solve our ocean plastic crisis

Preserve was ahead of the sustainability game in the late 1990s, when the business launched to transform recyclables into household goods. Now, the Certified B Corporation is taking a more proactive stance to keep plastics out of ocean waters and support environmental organizations around the world.

Senator Udall on the “Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act”

In February, New Mexico U-S Senator Tom Udall and California Congressman Alan Lowenthal introduced the first-ever comprehensive bill in Congress to tackle the plastic waste crisis.


Food deliveries during virus lockdown fuel Thailand plastic usage

Single-use plastic waste in Thailand ballooned during the coronavirus lockdown as demand for home food deliveries soared, activists say, setting back efforts to reduce the country's dependency on the environmental scourge.


Plastic superhighway: The awful truth of our hidden ocean waste

The average person swallows a credit-card-sized amount of plastic each week.


Vincent Kneefel, John Duncan: Why we will never be able to recycle or incinerate away ocean pollution

Effective, coordinated global actions and solutions are needed to address marine plastic pollution - only then can we achieve healthy oceans, for a healthy planet and society.


On cam: Cobra vomits plastic bottle, video goes viral

Disturbing visuals of a cobra vomiting an empty plastic bottle has again highlighted the problem of mounting plastic pollution.


Why climate investors may be missing out on a huge investment opportunity to reduce carbon

Plastic waste and climate change go together. In fact, the mismanagement of plastic waste is a serious contributor to climate change and a significant - but often overlooked - investment opportunity for climate investors.


Plastic pollution is booming from coronavirus and will get worse after the pandemic

China is the top source of plastic bottles, bags and other rubbish clogging up global sea lanes, according to the latest country-wise data available.

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"This global pandemic is scary for everyone and it's even scarier knowing your family has been exposed to chemicals that may hurt the immune system."

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Four of the fellows who participated in the program this year will discuss their ongoing research, activism, and experiences with publishing their ideas in the public sphere.

The danger of hormone-mimicking chemicals in medical devices and meds

In an effort to bolster our health, we may be exposed to compounds that harm us. New research says physicians need to recognize and explain this hidden risk to patients.

A fracking giant's fall

Chesapeake Energy was a fracking pioneer on a meteoric rise. Last week, it fell to Earth.

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