New material inspired by spider silk could help solve our plastic problem

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found a way to make plastic from abundant and sustainable plant proteins. Inspired by spider silk, the film works in a way similar to other plastics, but it can be composted at home.

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Water, at the heart of Africa's environmental challenges

In Africa, marine pollution is reaching alarming proportions. One of the causes of this phenomenon is the uncontrolled disposal of solid waste (such as plastic, household, electronic, organic, medical, faecal sludge, etc.).

Maui Ocean Center to provide beach cleanup materials

In honor of World Ocean Day, the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute announced a beach cleanup program that allows residents and visitors to Maui to take a hands-on approach to help protect marine environments and collect data.

John Hocevar: The same polluters destroying our climate are profiting off single-use plastics

The reality is that less than 10 percent of the plastic ever created has actually been recycled.

3,000 shipping containers fell into Pacific Ocean last year

A rise in container-ship accidents adds to the growing marine plastic pollution problem and poses risks to ocean health, wildlife and mariners.

Why this Louisiana plastics plant has become a national lightning rod for environmentalists

At a recent meeting of the St. James Parish Council meeting, chairman Alvin "Shark" St. Pierre held up a mailer that went throughout his district with his face on it.

Meet the woman turning Kenya's plastic waste problem into a building solution: Plastic bricks

Floating in the middle of world's largest ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a man-made mess of plastic waste covering twice as much area as the state of Texas. Kenya is one of many countries contributing to the pollution.

Sri Lanka faces 'worst beach pollution' in history from burning ship

Tonnes of plastic granules from the smouldering Singapore-registered MV X-Press Pearl are washing up on Sri Lanka's famed beaches.

A plastic world

A new report highlights the havoc that single-use plastics are wreaking on the planet and identifies the handful of companies, banks and investors behind their uncontrolled production.

Pandemic mask mountain sets new recycling challenge

Used to curb the spread of Covid-19, masks are exacerbating another pandemic: Plastic pollution.

Here is who's behind the global surge in single-use plastic

A new report shows that a surprisingly small number of big companies and banks are behind the manufacturing and financing of much of the world’s single-use plastic.

Conservationists urge regulation to cut plastic pollution as voluntary scheme launches

Australia will miss its 2025 targets to cut plastic pollution from packaging unless it shifts from voluntary programs to enforcement, an alliance of conservation groups and the Greens have said.

Why Western-style plastic bans aren't working in Africa

An insufficient supply of potable water in many countries, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, has given rise to a new plastics economy driven by the increasing popularity of water sachets.

Is it time for a global plastics treaty?

A freighter loaded with bales of used plastic casts off somewhere in the industrialized world, gaining steam as it sails toward a developing country.

So small, yet so deadly. Investors force plastic industry to reveal pollution

Investors are forcing the world’s biggest plastic manufacturers to reveal how many harmful plastic pellets they are leaking into rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide.
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Invasives and invasions pit humans versus nature.

Solar geoengineering: Scientists decry a 'foolish' idea

Ideas to dim the sun 'ignore the root cause' of the climate crisis – and create a cascade of unintended problems, scientists and activists say

Is it up to consumers, businesses, or politicians to tackle toxics? All of the above.

We all have a role to play in ridding our shelves of unhealthy products that are more likely to end up harming low-income families.

LISTEN: A trip down the crooked river

"Now that the water is clean, now that the fish are back ... it is so clean and glorious that everybody wants to be there."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Nurdlemania: Behind the climate crisis lurks the plastics crisis. Be ready.

A container ship accident off the Sri Lankan coast is a stark reminder of the "other" planetary problem.

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