Plastic may soon be part of California roads (and that's a good thing)

California is moving toward a future where plastics may help build the roads people drive on.

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Evian's new 100% recycled plastic bottle has no label

The bottle, which has the brand name engraved onto the recycled plastic, is part of Evian’s effort to become fully circular by 2025.
Plastic Pollution

IUCN launches a promotional video to tackle marine plastic pollution in the Caribbean

Up to 12 million tons of plastic debris enter the ocean every year. This has adverse impacts on the health of ocean ecosystems, the integrity of food supplies and people's livelihoods.


Hungarian President calls on Ukraine, Romania to stop polluting rivers

Hungary's president called on Ukraine and Romania to stop polluting two major rivers that flow across Hungary after floods in the past weeks brought in "dirty carpets" of plastic bottles from its neighbours.


Bigger Than Us Podcast: Dianna Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition

Host Raj Daniels interviews Dianna Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition and a passionate advocate against plastic pollution.


The Plastic Free July challenge is here to help you rid your life of single-use plastic waste

Unlike dance battles and dangerous dares, here's a "challenge" just about anyone can get behind.

After fighting plastic in 'Paradise Lost,' sisters take on climate change

Melati and Isabel Wijsen began campaigning to reduce plastic waste in Bali seven years ago. Now 19 and 17, they say the pandemic shows that stark measures to protect the planet are possible.

Vermont plastic bag ban takes effect, with other rules

A new set of laws took effect Wednesday in Vermont that are designed to protect the environment in a state that has long prided itself on taking care of its natural resources. As of July 1, stores across the state can no longer bag customers' purchases in plastic.


Greece taxing, banning single-use plastics, containers, cotton buds, straws

After several failed efforts to cut down on the use of non-biodegradable products, primarily plastics, Greece's New Democracy plans to prohibit single-use plastics, from takeaway coffee cups to cotton buds, as well as straws.


Another reason to cut down on plastics

This month, millions of people across 177 countries have pledged to cut down on the amount of plastic they use, including by using environmentally conscious face masks.

Plastic Pollution

Turkish diver decries plastic pollution in Bosphorus

Turkey's multiple world-record holder Sahika Ercumen dived into the Bosphorus Strait on Tuesday to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the seas.


Household chemicals that harm fish were found in Susquehanna River. This research aims to help

Lead scientist Katie Hayden plans to publish recommendations for products people can use that don't have the harmful chemicals, which are called endocrine-disrupting compounds.


How Dole plans to eliminate food waste by 2025

The company generates huge amounts of waste from the parts of the fruit it doesn’t use. In the next five years, it’s hoping to find new ways to repurpose it all.

St. James Parish takes on Big Plastic

In Cancer Alley, residents are fighting a new plastics factory, arguing its placement "reflects a racist society."

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