Baby poop is loaded with microplastics

An alarming new study finds that infant feces contain 10 times more polyethylene terephthalate (aka polyester) than an adult’s.
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North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission digs in on artificial turf

Addressing a growing number of permit questions, the coastal policy and rulemaking body has approved a prohibition on artificial turf within the 30-foot shoreline buffer in areas of environmental concern.
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Pollution: Spain to ban sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapping from 2023

The sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapping will be prohibited in Spain's supermarkets and grocery stores starting in 2023. This is one of the measures in a decree being drafted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, according to sources familiar with the initiative.


McDonalds vows to reduce plastic in Happy Meal toys

By 2025, the fast-food chain aims to "drastically" cut plastic in Happy Meal toys worldwide. More-sustainable toys could be made from cardboard and recycled materials, the company says.

Scooping plastic out of the ocean is a losing game

Open ocean cleanups won’t solve the marine plastics crisis. To really make a difference, here’s what we should do instead.

Sea turtles: Can these great marine migrators navigate rising human threats?

All seven sea turtle species are already endangered. Now humanity’s overshoot of planetary boundaries — climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and more — is upping the ante. Can turtles, people and conservation adapt?
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China ramps up efforts to tackle plastic pollution with five-year action plan

China will ramp up its efforts to phase out single-use plastics, boost recycling and promote alternatives to plastic in the next five years in a bid to curb pollution and meet the country's carbon neutrality targets.


The end of plastic bags in Berkeley? City studies banning them from grocery stores and restaurants

Berkeley is studying how to ban non-compostable plastic bags from grocery stores, restaurants and city-sponsored events.


Limerick company redesigns bottle caps to reduce plastic pollution

Limerick-based ISHKA Irish Spring Water is on course to dramatically reduce plastic pollution through the use of tethered caps, becoming the first bottled water company in Ireland to do so.

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This election could decide how Canada fights plastic pollution. Here's where the parties stand

Climate change and COVID-19 aren't the only issues on the ballot this election: Plastic is driving a global pollution problem, and Canada's future efforts to end it are on the line.

The big problem with plastic

Consumer Reports details the big problem with plastic, revealing where most of the plastic you throw away ends up and explaining how to limit its environmental harm.

Social cost of plastic made in 2019 is more than India’s GDP, says WWF report

Plastic made in 2019 will cost the environment and society about $3.7 trillion – or more than the gross domestic product of India – over its estimated lifetime, according to a new report by wildlife charity WWF.

Plastic Pollution

Social cost of plastic pollution more than GDP of India

The pollution, emissions and clean-up costs of plastic produced in 2019 alone could be $3.7 trillion, according to a report.
Plastic Pollution

Countries eye UN deal to rein in plastic pollution

The European Union on Thursday (2 September) backed calls for a legally binding international agreement to reduce plastic pollution, during a UN-hosted conference in Geneva.
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Researchers, doctors call for regulators to reassess safety of taking acetaminophen during pregnancy

The painkiller, taken by half of pregnant women worldwide, could be contributing to rising rates of reproductive system problems and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

LISTEN: Azmal Hossan on the sociology of climate crises in South Asia

"If we look at the rate of carbon emissions, most is emitted by the developed and industrialized countries, but the problem is poor countries like Bangladesh are the main sufferers."

Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

Those holding up carbon capture and hydrogen as new climate solutions are leading us down the wrong path.

Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Peter Dykstra: Protected by an alphabet soup of acronyms

CITES, CCAMLR, LDC, MBTA, CBD, Ramsar, LWCF ... they may make your eyes glaze over, but they protect our health and planet.

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