Climergency Podcast: Design your way to a less plastic lifestyle

Dianna Cohen is an artist, as well as co-founder & CEO of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, so she has a design-based philosophy on breaking our addiction to plastic. In this episode we talk about why ocean cleanup won't solve the problem, but you can greatly reduce your personal contribution to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch with some simple lifestyle tweaks.

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The Overpopulation Podcast: The climate – population connection

If our profligate lifestyles have a big carbon footprint, then the number of footprints makes a big difference, and it is undoubtedly “under-discussed."

The Overpopulation Podcast: Getting past overpopulation denial

The overpopulation topic hasn't been getting its due, because of avoidance, dismissal and denial.

World Population Balance Podcast: 8 billion angels

In this episode, Dave chats with Executive Producer Terry Spahr about his new film, 8 Billion Angels. Terry is a Philadelphia-based former real estate executive who gave up the corporate life to save human civilization.


The Overpopulation Podcast: The political hazards of discussing overpopulation

Bernie Sanders was asked about human overpopulation. How did he handle it? And how was that reported by the media and received by the public? The Overpopulation Podcast team offers observations and analysis.


Podcast: From climate lawyer to climate activist

After three decades of climate advocacy, renowned IPCC lawyer Farhana Yamin decided to join Extinction Rebellion – she tells us why.

Climate change risk now the 'new normal,' warns advisory firm KPMG

Global advisory firm KPMG says climate change is the "new normal" as the industry confronts rising risk from catastrophic events.

ISGP's "The Forum" Podcast: Meet the Plastics

Plastic pollution in waterways harms marine life and could even affect human health. Learn how a combination of individual and collective actions can help make a dent in this growing global challenge. Featuring: Kera Abraham Panni, Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Big Story Podcast: There's lead in our drinking water. Why are we just finding out now?

A massive Canada-wide investigative project revealed that a third of Canadian homes and schools tested had dangerously high levels of lead contamination in drinking water. While that fact itself is shocking, the reality that it took a team of reporters and scientists months to unearth it is perhaps more troubling.

Overpopulation Podcast: Kids - To have or not to have?

Is motherhood an essential part of womanhood? The filmmaker shares her thoughts and observations on the subject with the World Population Balance team.

Telling stories to battle climate change, with a little humor thrown in

The women who make the podcast “Mothers of Invention” stand apart in the field of climate communication.

ISGP's "The Forum" Podcast: The keto my heart

Diets like keto, paleo, alkaline, intermittent fasting, and carb cycling are all the rage, but how much do you know about the effects they have on human and environmental health.

Podcast: Defending your home from a raging wildfire

Why one California couple chose to stand and fight an inferno.

ISGP's "The Forum" Podcast: Great barriers for the reefs

Learn about the laundry list of challenges currently facing corals and coral reefs, as well as why (and how) we might want to conserve and protect them.

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Chesapeake Energy's fall

Chesapeake Energy was a fracking pioneer on a meteoric rise. Last week, it fell to Earth.

The danger of hormone-mimicking chemicals in medical devices and meds

In an effort to bolster our health, we may be exposed to compounds that harm us. New research says physicians need to recognize and explain this hidden risk to patients.

Our annual summer reading list, 2020 edition

EHN staff shares their top book recommendations for the summer.

Coronavirus is creating a crisis of energy insecurity

Fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unpaid bills and energy shutoffs in many vulnerable US households. Indiana University researchers warn we need to act now to avoid yet another health emergency.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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