EU to halve pesticides by 2030 to protect bees, biodiversity: Draft

The European Commission is seeking to halve the use of chemical pesticides by 2030 to halt the decline of pollinators, in a plan likely to draw criticism both from those urging a phase-out of the substances and from farmers who say crop yields will suffer.
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Transition to low-carbon energy may accelerate after crisis: Shell

The ongoing transition to low-carbon energy sources may accelerate as economies recover from the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the head of oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell says.


U.N. warns economic downturn could kill hundreds of thousands of children in 2020

Hundreds of thousands of children could die this year due to the global economic downturn sparked by the coronavirus pandemic and tens of millions more could fall into extreme poverty as a result of the crisis, the United Nations warned on Thursday.

Vietnam introduces law aimed at fighting climate change

Vietnam has introduced legislation to advance its greenhouse gas reduction goals as per the Paris climate accord, decreasing worries the fast-growing nation’s reliance on coal would stymie those efforts.

Republicans take heat from the 'retro' crowd

Top Republicans are seeing resistance from all sides after rolling out a plan to reduce carbon emissions, demonstrating the kind of hiccups the GOP faces as it attempts to develop climate policy.

Feds publish info on Arizona lead contamination from shooting

At one site, lead contamination was 70 times the legal limit. No cleanup has been done.

Australia fires prompt soul-searching on climate change

Australia’s fires may prompt new cooperation on environmental policy, many hope, in a coal-dependent country where views on climate change diverge.

These emails show a Trump official helping her former chemical industry colleagues

A lobbyist turned senior Agriculture Department official repeatedly shared information with her former industry on policy and enforcement. “It’s highly inappropriate conduct,” said one ethics expert.

Climate change to be key element in next Canadian budget: finance minister

Climate change will be a key element in Canada's next federal budget, Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau said on Monday, as he kicked off public consultations on the spending bill.


Maryland officials pledge to sue EPA if it doesn’t affirm it will enforce Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

A Maryland senator and a top Hogan administration official on Wednesday pledged to sue the EPA if it doesn’t soon clarify whether it is stepping back from its role enforcing a Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan.

Lawmaker task force urges $10M for clean water initiatives

A bipartisan water pollution task force proposed more than a dozen bills Wednesday designed to curb contamination across Wisconsin, capping a year's worth of research and discussion.


Fed officials are increasingly warning that climate change could damage the economy

As the effects of climate change grow increasingly evident across the world, Federal Reserve officials are signaling fresh concerns about the dangers that extreme weather poses to the economy and to the financial system.


Kentucky bill would ban plastic bags, styrofoam containers

The bill would ban businesses from offering plastic bags used to carry goods and would make plastic straws available by request only.
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