As drought worsens, regulators impose unprecedented water restrictions on California farms

Amid intensifying drought, state water regulators voted Tuesday to enact a drastic emergency order barring thousands of Californians — primarily farmers — from using stream and river water.

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A Black community in Northeast D.C. is surrounded by industrial pollution. The city plans to add more.

The D.C. government is preparing to build a sprawling school-bus terminal in the historically Black enclave of Brentwood, where residents have long lived amid industrial sites that discharge pollution into their community.

Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash after they passed power grid bills

For some energy experts, the increase in donations for the officials at the close of the session looks like a reward for not passing more stringent regulations and raises questions about whether lawmakers let the oil, gas and the broader energy industry off easy for its massive failures.

A world of hurt: 2021 climate disasters raise alarm over food security

Record extreme weather in the U.S., Brazil, China and elsewhere is impacting food production this year, with the future expected to be far worse. Agriculture requires “transformational change” to meet the climate crisis, say experts.

Blue carbon: Can CO2 stores help protect biodiversity and the climate?

A voluntary carbon pricing scheme wants the underwater world to help store CO2 emissions. Conservationists hope this could spell a brighter future for seagrass meadows in the Balearic Islands.

Wildfire reaches Turkey power plant, prompts evacuations

A coal-fueled power plant in southwest Turkey and nearby residential areas were being evacuated Wednesday evening as flames from a wildfire reached the plant, a mayor and local reporters said as sirens from the plant could be heard blaring.

Robert Hackett & Julia Dzgoeva: Why the words media use to describe climate change matter

In Canadian media outlets, the term "climate change" overtook "global warming" in 2002, a gap that has since widened.

newsCOUP Podcast: “A permanent reactor": Fracking's radioactive health threat to Ohio will last 1,600 years without action

Industry, with help from the state, has chosen to downplay or ignore risks to both workers in the fracking industry and locals who live near oil and gas sites, treatment plants, and sewage systems.

Displaced by the Camp fire, California nomads fear eviction

Thousands of people displaced by the Camp fire in 2018 are still stuck in limbo, many camping on their own land and fearing eviction.

Memphis City Council takes step to protect Memphis Sand Aquifer

The Memphis City Council passed an ordinance to protect the Memphis Sand Aquifer after environmental activists spent nearly a year fighting to protect it against a crude-oil pipeline.

California water restrictions amid drought: How bad is it?

California resorts to unprecedented water cutoffs as drought worsens. How bad is it?

Concerns over pollution and hot weather add another challenge to marathon swimming

Following an open-water test event in mid-2019, one competitor told reporters the bay "smelled like a toilet."

One woman’s dance with heat dome death

Advocates warn the province is moving too slowly in tracking and managing the health risks from extreme hot weather.
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How joining a climate program could save Western Pennsylvania kids’ lives and lungs

As Pennsylvania moves to join a regional greenhouse gas initiative, experts say it will also reduce toxics, foster healthier kids, and save the state billions. But GOP policymakers and industry groups remain opposed.

Bayer heads into next U.S. cancer trial, opening statements set for Thursday

The trial comes a week after Bayer announced it would stop selling Roundup.

Putting people at the center of medicine, research, and policy

The most impactful healthcare and research keeps community service at its core.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Opinion: Get high-risk pesticides out of our bodies

Four ways to fix systemic problems plaguing food and agriculture safety

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