Pennsylvania DEP looks to address environmental justice concerns in RGGI rule

An update to the proposed regulation to join the cap-and-trade program adds a set of equity principles and a commitment to assess air quality.
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Most global food brands continue to have a dismal record on beef and deforestation

Despite pledges of reform, the world's leading supermarket and fast-food companies are doing little to address the environmental and human rights abuses associated with beef production.

World whiffs on Biden's pleas for bold climate pledges

After four years of Trump, world leaders are wary of jumping too quickly to follow Washington's lead.

Conservation can’t just be a popularity contest

We often work to save the most charismatic species. Is it time to think beyond pandas and tigers?

The coming battle over building better highways

The Biden infrastructure plan pledges a rethink of federal transportation priorities. But the government agencies that build and maintain U.S. highways might not all be along for the ride. 

It's time to knock the toilet off its pedestal

The flush toilet may be the world’s gold standard for sanitation, but the sewer infrastructure it demands is inefficient, costly and outdated. 

As Biden shifts infrastructure focus to climate and racial justice, cities and states alter pitches for federal money

The Department of Transportation has tied $2 billion in coveted grant funds to the administration’s social-justice goals.

Japan bets on hydrogen to lift its ambitious carbon-neutral plans

But renewable energy experts have mixed feelings on the “hydrogen society” push to be showcased at the Tokyo Olympics.

Antarctica cruises are booming. But can the continent handle it?

For Antarctic expedition cruise operators, conservation is self-preservation.

U.S. trade representative uses her first speech to call for action on climate change

Her speech was another example of how the Biden administration is seeking to address climate change across the vast machinery of the federal government.

Groups take aim at New Mexico drilling plan amid US review

Several groups shared their frustrations over development on federal land that's considered sacred surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico.

South Korea faces a public reckoning for financing coal plants in Indonesia

The coastal town of Suralaya in Indonesia's West Java province has eight coal-fired power generating units in its vicinity, which residents blame for respiratory ailments and declining fish catches.

Bills before Brazil Congress slammed for rewarding Amazon land grabbers

Imagine you have invaded a public land in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, cut the forest down and, after all that, you get the papers that certify you as the rightful owner of that area.

Canada's methane emissions are likely undercounted, and that makes them harder to cut

The government estimates methane emissions in the oil and gas sector by mostly relying on mathematical modelling based on a small number of field measurements. But researchers say the government is underestimating those emissions, and better measurement techniques are possible.
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Earth Day: Amidst the greenwashing, it's still a good thing

When corporations tout their greenness and journalists get beaten senseless by lame ideas.

‘Forever chemicals’ coat the outer layers of biodegradable straws

More evidence that harmful PFAS chemicals are sneaking into some "green" and "compostable" products.

Pesticide DDT linked to increased breast cancer risk generations after exposure

Groundbreaking study finds women whose grandmothers had high DDT exposure are more likely to be obese and have early menstruation—both breast cancer risk factors.

Want more clean energy? Focus on people, not technology

Energy decisions can be deeply personal. We need to listen to households and communities before we prescribe their energy transition.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

The political, media, and community response to our Fractured investigation

From a media blitz to calls for statewide drilling bans, here's a look at the fallout and impacts so far from EHN's investigation of western Pennsylvania fracking impacts.

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