Is renewable natural gas a serious alternative to ‘electrify everything’?

While wind and solar power and electric vehicles tend to dominate the conversation around preventing catastrophic climate change, electricity and transportation aren't the whole picture.

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Biden unveils climate change plan with energy revamp

Joe Biden released a plan Tuesday aimed at combating climate change and spurring economic growth in part by overhauling America's energy industry, with a proposal to achieve entirely carbon pollution-free power by 2035.

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Colorado company agrees to $7M cleanup of former Alaska mine

A Colorado company agreed to a $7 million cleanup plan for Alaska's only uranium mine, which has left radioactive waste in the Tongass National Forest.

How loud noise can affect your health

In 2019, an organization that tracks ambient noise levels in Paris found that an average resident in the noisiest regions lost more than three "healthy life-years" because of conditions caused or worsened by noise pollution.

Pennsylvania: Wolf, legislature draw closer to more tax breaks for the natural gas industry

The compromise measure lowers the size of the tax break from more than $1 billion to $670 million over 25 years.

Dozens of cities dub racism a public health crisis

More than 50 city declarations put racism’s health impacts on par with disease and addiction. Health organizations and school districts are adopting them too.

US EPA retains air quality standards for ozone

The EPA says it will retain current air quality standards for ozone despite calls by environmental groups to strengthen them, winning support from the oil industry and Chamber of Commerce.

DuPont to pay $3 million for pollution problems at La Porte, Texas, plant

Dupont will pay $3.195 million to settle alleged violations of federal pollution control laws at a Texas plant that's been closed since an accident killed 4 workers there in 2014.

Indigenous groups paying the price for Russia's massive Arctic fuel spill

The Dolgans, Nenets, Nganasans, Evenki and Enets all hunt, fish, and herd reindeer among the lakes and rivers north of Norilsk. But the land has long been poisoned by industrial waste.

World wilts beneath weight of e-waste and plastic

It's the throwaway society: e-waste outweighs Europe's population, plastic waste often ends in the sea. Recycling rates offer little hope.

Look to the skies to discover how Europe’s economy is faring

European industry may be recovering at a slower pace than some surveys suggest, according to pollution data tracked by Citigroup Inc.


Smog causes an estimated 49,000 deaths in Beijing, Shanghai in 2020

Air pollution has caused an estimated 49,000 deaths and $23 billion in economic losses in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai alone since Jan. 1, 2020, according to a "clean air counter" launched by environmental groups.

Is this the end of oil and gas pipelines?

Defeats at three projects reflect increasingly sophisticated legal challenges, shifting economics and growing demands by states to fight climate change.

Nick Mallos: Plastics epidemic: Let's not waste the opportunity to tackle waste

While PPE is absolutely critical to tackling the pandemic, we must address the increased strain that they place on our already overburdened waste management systems if we want to avoid aggravating another crisis: ocean plastic pollution.
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