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The Holocene climate experience.

What can we learn from the past to guide us in adapting to future climate change? What does the story about human experiences of past natural climatic changes tell us in broad terms? At the least it points to the types of risks to the health, survival, and social stability that may result from this century’s human-driven climate change.

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WEF: Environment dominates threats to global economy.

The world’s fast degrading environment now represents a major threat to the global economy, the World Economic Forum warned on Thursday.

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When nature gets sick, so do we.

That human health and Earth’s health are intertwined can sound like a truism—more of a bumper sticker or poetic truth than scientific fact. Yet a growing body of research suggests that disrupted ecologies may indeed produce more disease.

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Superbugs 1, the world 0.

World leaders have committed US$790m to fighting superbugs. These are infectious diseases that don’t respond to treatment using antibiotics – an essential defence against infections after surgery.

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About 200 Zika cases recorded in Thailand.

Thailand has recorded about 200 cases of Zika since January, the health ministry said on Tuesday, making it a country with one of the highest numbers of confirmed cases in the region.

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What the Democrats won’t tell you about Zika.

By Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.)

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Miami Beach offering free Zika testing for residents, those who work in transmission zone.

Residents and those who work in the “Zika transmission zone” on Miami Beach will get a chance to get tested for free to see if they have the virus.

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Aerial spraying against Zika on Miami Beach begins amid protests from residents.

NBC 6's Michael Spears has the latest on the start of aerial spraying on Miami Beach that has been met with protests. (Published 6 minutes ago)

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Singapore says unclear if local Zika strain causes birth defects.

By Fathin Ungku and Marius Zaharia | SINGAPORE

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