COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing among food-system workers

The nation is in various stages of reopening as the number of new COVID-19 cases falls in some regions. Yet among the vulnerable workers who produce our food, the pandemic is still raging.

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Smithfield sued for falsely advertising themselves as ‘safest’ U.S. pork products

A consumer group is suing one the largest pork producers over allegations that the company falsely advertises its products as the “safest" in the U.S.

Struggling farmers are selling midwest hogs ad hoc and online

An under-the-radar market has sprung up to prevent euthanizing pigs and help support farmers. But communities on the receiving end have limited processing capacity and big concerns.

Industrial meat 101: Could large livestock operations cause the next pandemic?

Novel viruses have been emerging in CAFOs for years. Advocates say coronavirus should act as a wake-up call.

Livestock welfare: 'It doesn't sound humane, and it's not'

As the COVID-19 pandemic draws new attention to industrial-scale livestock agriculture, animal welfare groups are criticizing the way healthy farm animals are killed.

Powerful meat industry holds more sway after Trump's order

The executive action signals that decisions around whether to close or reopen plants should be driven by the federal government, not local authorities.

As Trump orders meatpackers to stay open, complaints allege Louisville plant failed to protect workers

Health Dept. complaints show JBS Swift workers said the company was not doing enough to protect them from coronavirus; dozens are infected and one is dead.

When meat plants shutter, what happens to market-ready animals?

With meat packing plants closed, the end for hundreds of thousands of pigs is likely to arrive in an orgy of waste that turns the stomachs of even the most pragmatic.

Missouri pork plant workers say they can't cover mouths to cough

A lawsuit filed against a Smithfield Foods plant claims it has created a public nuisance by failing to protect workers from coronavirus infection.

Closure of Smithfield and other plants forces South Dakota pork producers to consider desperate measures

The closure of major pork processing plants across the U.S. has state officials and pork producers in South Dakota planning for the worst — the potential euthanization of thousands of hogs that cannot be sold.

The food chain's weakest link: Slaughterhouses

A relatively small number of plants process much of the beef and pork in the United States, and some of them have closed because workers are getting sick.

South Dakota meat plant is now country's biggest coronavirus hot spot

Refugees from around the world worked at the Smithfield pork factory in Sioux Falls. Now they face mounting illness and the sudden loss of their jobs.

Poultry worker's death highlights spread of coronavirus in meat plants

Some employees are coming in sick, and one woman died after being ordered back to work. “Our work conditions are out of control,” a longtime Tyson employee said.

Ohio officials know how to stop Lake Erie from turning toxic, but no one will do it

Voluntary fixes for the growing — and global — hazardous algae problem aren’t working.

Yanzhong Huang: Why did one-quarter of the world's pigs die in a year?

Swine fever devastated China’s stock because with unsound governance, even sound regulations have perverse effects.
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