Huge acceleration of clean energy innovation needed to meet net zero target: IEA

A global goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 will not be met without a huge acceleration in clean energy innovation, the International Energy Agency says.

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Climate fund targets $2.5 billion in clean energy investment for SE Asia

A new climate fund backed by philanthropic donors is aiming to trigger $2.5 billion of clean energy investment in Southeast Asia and aid the region's green recovery after the coronavirus.

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Environmental shareholder activism comes to Japan as Mizuho faces climate resolution

More investors are publicly backing a resolution to curb coal project lending that shareholders of Mizuho Financial Group are expected to consider this week, the first time such a step is to figure at the annual meeting of a Japanese listed company.

India's top court rejects power companies' bid to extend emissions deadline

India's Supreme Court rejected a request by power producers to extend a deadline to install equipment to cut emissions by two years to 2024.

Global new clean energy investment totaled $282 billion last year: research

Global investment in new clean energy capacity rose 1% last year to $282.2 billion, research by UNEP, Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre shows.


First major U.S. offshore wind farm reaches permitting milestone

The first major U.S. offshore wind farm, planned for the Massachusetts coast, reached a key permitting milestone with the release of a long-awaited federal environmental study that considers the project's impacts on fisheries and navigation.

Great power competition is racing to the Arctic

The icy north is undergoing physical change as warming temperatures open regional waters to shipping for part of each year. And the region is undergoing geopolitical change as countries that front on the Arctic Ocean - and ambitious powers that don't - eye new shipping routes and, potentially, a fresh source of undersea natural riches.

Meet 22 Black activists supercharging the climate movement

Organizers and activists long relegated to the sidelines are gaining momentum - and political power - as they push for bold solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

Chinese official hails 'incomparable' improvement in air quality as virus hits industry

China's air quality saw "incomparable" improvements in the first quarter of this year as a coronavirus outbreak led to rapid declines in industrial activity and transportation, an environment ministry official said on Friday.

Want to rebuild the economy with clean energy? Germany offers 20 years of lessons

Hundreds of wind and solar co-ops have taken on big utilities and shown they can reliably power the grid - and hugely reduce emissions.

Transition to low-carbon energy may accelerate after crisis: Shell

The ongoing transition to low-carbon energy sources may accelerate as economies recover from the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the head of oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell says.


Drought-hit Argentina faces water worries amid coronavirus pandemic

With deforestation surging in Brazil, as President Jair Bolsonaro encourages development of the Amazon, water is expected to become in increasingly shorter supply in the region.

Eskom lied to hide its deadly levels of pollution

Eskom lied about the levels of its pollution, according to a compliance notice issued by the environment department to the utility's Kendal power plant.

Toxics rule could spur lawsuits from strange bedfellows

Green groups and blue states won't be the only challengers lining up to fight the Trump administration's controversial revisions to the legal basis for curbing mercury and air toxics from power plants.

Mayor, city officials furious over demolition in Little Village

Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined Ald. Michael Rodriguez and city officials Sunday to express their frustration with Hilco Redevelopment Partners in the handling of Saturday's implosion of a smokestack at the former Crawford Power Generating Station in Little Village.

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