Study: Pregnant women can transmit coronavirus to their babies, results suggest

In a preliminary study, Italian researchers found the virus that causes covid-19 in umbilical cord blood, breast milk and elsewhere among a small sample of women who had the infection.
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Study raises concerns for pregnant women with the coronavirus

Pregnant women who are infected wind up in hospitals and I.C.U.’s at higher rates, a federal analysis suggests. But the data is far from conclusive.

Black women may face particular risk from pollution and climate change during pregnancy

A new study suggests that increasingly common environmental exposures exacerbated by climate change are significantly associated with serious adverse pregnancy outcomes across the U.S., likely impacting Black women the most.

Climate change tied to pregnancy risks, affecting Black mothers most

Women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have premature, underweight or stillborn babies, a look at 32 million U.S. births found.

To Kid Or Not to Kid review – why women choose to be childless

Director Maxine Trump's heartfelt documentary explores the pressures and prejudices facing women who do not want to be mothers.


Exposure to plastic chemicals before conception tied to premature births

Pregnant women exposed to phthalates, found in plastic toys, soaps and food packaging, may be at increased risk of preterm delivery.

What pregnant women should know about coronavirus

The risks, so far, seem no greater than for anyone else, but the research is thin and only applies to later stage of pregnancy.

Sanders says he’ll enact national drinking water standards

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that he would enact federal drinking water standards for a group of toxic chemicals that have caused widespread contamination in New Hampshire and other states.

Gemma Carey: If I have no hope for the planet, why am I so determined to have this baby?

I wonder if my child will ever have the innocence I had two months ago, of not having to think about whether the air will kill you.

Air pollution tied to hypertension in pregnant women: Study

High blood pressure is one of the most-common health issues women develop during pregnancy. New research shows that air pollution in high-traffic areas increases the risk.

Smoke air pollution Sydney: Will this affect pregnant women or asthmatic children?

Pregnant women and young children with asthma could suffer long term consequences if the toxic air smothering Sydney continues until the end of summer, a health expert has warned.


Climate change, hot weather shortens pregnancies, study suggests

A new study says that hot temperatures cause women to have shorter pregnancies than they normally would, which could pose risks for infant health and child development.


California wildfires pose new threats as homes burn, releasing toxic fumes

As wildfires in California and elsewhere become the new normal, scientists are racing to learn the airborne health risks of the chemicals in our homes.

Babies exposed to air pollution have greater risk of death

Infant mortality rate higher in babies exposed to pollutants such as sulphur dioxide.

How a pioneering study of child health has influenced a generation of parents

The study is unique for the length, breadth and depth of its data on medical, social, genetic, environmental, and inter-generational factors affecting our health and wellbeing.

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