Coronavirus crisis shows world could take climate-change action, says UK's Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles said on Wednesday the urgent global response to the coronavirus showed how the world could tackle climate change, and that recovery from the disease presented a chance to create a more sustainable future.

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When the Prince of Wales is your landlord

On England’s southwestern coast, a community built by the Duchy of Cornwall is attracting residents who have bought into Prince Charles’s housing philosophy.

Prince Charles calls for 'paradigm shift' on climate change

The heir to the British throne has delivered a key speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, saying the world simply can't waste any more time.


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These days, championing environmental causes can seem like the trendy thing for the rich and famous to get involved in. Yet, for these actors, models and princes, it's more than just a passing fad.

Eight reasons Trump's 'clean climate' claims fail to stack up

President told Prince Charles the US has 'among the cleanest climates there are'. Here's a reminder of some details he may have overlooked.


Prince of Wales: I warned of plastic danger 40 years ago but was dismissed as 'out of touch'

The Prince of Wales said he warned about the dangers of plastic 40 years ago but was dismissed as ‘out of touch’ and ‘anti-science’
HRH Prince Charles and Prince Harry, back in the day

The green Father of the Groom

It's quite easy to write off Prince Charles as a well-meaning son, and father, of privilege. But he's been at this green thing for longer than many of you, dear readers, have been alive.

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Royal looking forward to Harry and Meghan's wedding but opts to discuss nettles instead.


Surfers Against Sewage urge MPs to make parliament plastic-free

Campaigners ask Westminster to 'drive war on plastic waste' and Prince Charles calls for action.

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