Prosecutors target Brazil’s environment minister over dismantling of protections

Censorship, persecution, and dismissals of supervisors have become the norm in Brazil's environmental agencies since Jair Bolsonaro took office.

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On the hook for Clean Air Act damages, Diesel Brothers lose bid for settlement conference

The Diesel Brothers have lost a bid for a court-mediated settlement conference they hoped could soften the blow of impending Clean Air Act monetary penalties.

Brazil: Vale, German auditor charged over dam disaster

Brazilian prosecutors have charged employees with homicide and environmental crimes in connection with the deadly dam collapse that killed more than 200 people last year.


Rita Wong: Lessons from prison: a shackled pipeline protester reflects

Poet and scholar Rita Wong on the ‘microcosm’ she inhabited behind bars.

In Cambodia, a rare acquittal in a climate of danger for green activists

Activists working in Cambodia face grave dangers from both authorities and illegal mining and logging interests.

Madagascar mine ignites protests, community division

Local opposition groups have called for an end to the project, citing the negative environmental impact it could have and insisting that it's been made possible only through corrupt land deals.


Carnival will pay $20m over pollution from its cruise ships

Carnival Corp. reached settlement Monday with federal prosecutors in which the world's largest cruise line agreed to pay a $20 million penalty because its ships continued to pollute the oceans despite a previous criminal conviction.

Mobile devices for former Michigan governor, state employees seized in Flint probe

The Flint water probe search warrants were sought two weeks ago by the Michigan Attorney General's Office and signed by a Flint judge.


Flint water investigator calls for independent oversight of Michigan DEQ

Noah Hall served as Special Assistant Attorney General for three years of the state's investigation into the Flint Water Crisis. Now, he's speaking out.

Delaware court orders $2M fine against company caught on video dumping oil into Atlantic

The U.S. District Court for Delaware has fined Navimax Corp., a Greek company, $2 million for dumping oil waste into the ocean last year.

Kinder Morgan protesters will learn on Monday whether they’ll face criminal charges

More than 170 people have been arrested since mid-March in Burnaby, B.C., and the majority have been charged with civil contempt of court

It's surprisingly hard to ban toxic sex toys, but here's how to protect yourself.

It's Surprisingly Hard to Ban Toxic Sex Toys, But Here's How to Protect Yourself

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EPA admits PCB in Minden.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will host open public meetings at Glen Jean later this month to discuss results of PCB soil and water samples taken around Minden and Fayetteville in May and June, Acting Regional EPA Director Cecil Rodrigues said Thursday.

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Blankenship opens wallet to clear his name, rattle Manchin.

How does Senator Don Blankenship sound to you?

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