My island does not want to be resilient. We want a reclamation.

Unlearning academic jargon to understand and amplify beauty and power in Puerto Rico.

I come from an island that basks under the watch of a life-giving sun. Her Sunday mornings shake in the wake of a boisterous chinchorreo, or quiver to the rhythmic chants of worship and prayer.

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Mi isla no quiere ser resiliente. Queremos una recuperación.

Vengo de una isla que se baña bajo la mirada de un sol que da vida. Sus mañanas de domingo se agitan al ritmo de un bullicioso chinchorreo, o se estremecen con los rítmicos cánticos de la adoración y la oración.

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Sin rumbo el manejo del sargazo en Puerto Rico

Ante la falta de una política del Gobierno para manejar el alga, dos comunidades en Humacao enfrentan el problema de formas muy distintas.


LNG export terminals play down risks of vapor cloud explosions, critics say

As the Trump administration pushed hard for new LNG export terminals, some engineers warned that the risk of a major explosion was being played down. Federal regulators have been slow to respond.
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Erosión de costa elevada amenaza a comunidades e infraestructura en Puerto Rico

A pesar del ritmo acelerado que se observa en los pasados años para este tipo de desgaste de zonas escarpadas, el fenómeno apenas se ha estudiado en Puerto Rico.

David G. Victor, Sadie Frank, Eric Gesick: We’re not ready for the next big climate disasters

Any infrastructure bill should include money to protect communities from flooding, storms, drought and wildfires.

Trump administration blocked investigation into delayed Puerto Rico hurricane aid

A watchdog report uncovers bureaucratic hurdles the Trump administration erected for the struggling island to receive aid after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

LISTEN: Abrania Marrero on dietary colonialism in Puerto Rico

Abrania Marrero joins the Agents of Change in Environmental Justice podcast to discuss the increasing push for food security and sovereignty in Puerto Rico, and how the island's relationship with the U.S. mainland has impacted its residents' health.

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Puerto Rico: Pugna en la administración Pierluisi por Comité de Cambio Climático

La administración del gobernador Pedro Pierluisi parece no tener una política pública definida sobre quién debe asumir las riendas en el manejo de la crisis climática actual.

Biden to free up $1.3 billion in Puerto Rico storm aid

The administration plans to release $1.3 billion that was meant to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria in 2017, and will remove restrictions on another $4.9 billion.

Activists eye a Superfund reboot under Biden with focus on environmental justice and climate change

Biden will assume responsibility for 945 Superfund sites identified last year by the Government Accountability Office as vulnerable to climate-related hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and rising sea level.

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Bayer to replace glyphosate from US lawn products by 2023

'Roundup' manufacturer also sets aside $4.5B for glyphosate-related lawsuits.

Record levels of harmful particles found in Great Lakes fish

"I've been studying microplastics for a long time and this is the study that blew me away."

LISTEN: Brian Bienkowski on amplifying diverse voices through podcasting

"I get a lot of hope in talking to them about where the field can go from here."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Breast cancer: Hundreds of chemicals identified as potential risk factors

Researchers find nearly 300 chemicals linked to breast cancer-contributing hormones in everyday products, and call for a renewed focus on women's exposure risks.

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