How dangerous is low-level radiation to children?

A rethink on the risks of low-level radiation would imperil the nuclear industry's future − perhaps why there's never been one.

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Dam failure threatens a Dow chemical complex and Superfund cleanup

Floodwaters surged toward Midland, Mich., and one of the nation’s most extensive toxic cleanup sites, raising concerns of a wider environmental fallout from the dam disaster.

Sunscreen chemical research fails to find harm

Despite what can seem like alarming research, a dermatologist says the products are not necessarily dangerous.

COVID-19 didn’t affect this company financially. It still got a $893k federal loan

Uranium mining company lost money for a decade because of a weak market — not because of the coronavirus.

Wildlife abounds in these places abandoned years before coronavirus

Studies of Korea’s DMZ and exclusion zones around the Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants show how animals respond when humans flee.

Workers repair corrosion problem at Beaver Valley nuclear reactor

The corrosion issue — found and repaired while the reactor was shut down for refueling — won’t delay a restart of the plant along the Ohio River in Beaver County.

Trump wants to treat COVID-19 with UV light. Here's why that wouldn't work

UV light is a powerful sterilizer against COVID-19. But its use cases are limited.

U.S. aid for Greenland prompts praise and suspicion in Denmark

The offer of $12.1 million in support revived memories of President Trump’s suggestion last year that the United States could simply buy the semiautonomous island.

Fate of Beaver Valley plant could hinge on federal fight over nuclear payments in power markets

A federal dispute centers on how much state-subsidized power plants — like nuclear plants — are paid in the wholesale electricity market.

Coronavirus cases at Limerick nuclear station raised concern

After two workers test positive at Limerick, energy companies require social distancing and test workers for symptoms.

Chernobyl fire under control, Ukraine officials say

Firefighters are tackling remaining "hot spots" near the abandoned nuclear plant, officials say.

Chernobyl: Ukraine crews extinguish forest fires in exclusion zone

Firefighters worked for 10 days to extinguish fires that broke out in the forest around the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

A forest fire is currently burning near Chernobyl. What will happen if it gets there?

The Chernobyl nuclear accident happened 34 years ago this month, and now a new disaster could be bearing down on the region.

Ukraine: Wildfires draw dangerously close to Chernobyl site

Wildfires in Ukraine have spread to just over a mile from the defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant and a disposal site for radioactive waste, according to activists, as more than 300 firefighters work to contain the blaze.

Chernobyl wildfires reignite, stirring up radiation

Wildfires are common in the so-called Zone of Alienation around the abandoned Chernobyl plant. A larger-than-typical fire is stirring up radiation, though levels remain normal in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.
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If you've been unable to visit botanical gardens or flowering trails, here's a spring journey.

Reevaluating fish consumption advisories during the COVID-19 pandemic: Analysis

Our current crisis reaffirms the importance of weighing the health benefits of eating fish against chemical exposure risks.

‘Them plants are killing us’: Inside a cross-border battle against cancer and pollution

Two communities — one in Canada, one in the U.S. — share both a border along the St. Marys River and a toxic legacy that has contributed to high rates of cancer. Now the towns are banding together to fight a ferrochrome plant.

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