Maryland legislature sends flame retardant bill to governor

Maryland's legislature has passed a bill to heavily restrict the use of flame retardant chemicals in children's products, mattresses and upholstered furniture.

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US Virgin Islands advances bill restricting sunscreen ingredients

The US territory of the Virgin Islands has become the latest beach community to consider a ban on certain sunscreen ingredients over concerns that they pose a risk to coral reefs and other marine life.

PFC coatings can degrade in the sun to form PFOA, study suggests | Chemical Watch

Polyfluoroalkylsilanes are commonly used to treat surfaces to make them oil- or water-resistant.

Saudi study links phthalate exposure in couples to failed pregnancy

A study of almost 600 couples in an IVF clinic in Saudi Arabia has found an apparent association between phthalate exposure and an increased risk of failed clinical pregnancy and live birth.

Congress revisits legislation to overhaul US cosmetics rules

Bill looks to increase FDA's authority over personal care products.

Washington governor budgets $9m on chemicals in products to save orcas

Washington state governor Jay Inslee has earmarked more than $9m to address the environmental threat posed by toxic chemicals in consumer products

Black residents cite environmental racism as reason for pollution

In Uniontown, Ala., a landfill next to a historic black cemetery overflows with coal ash. A cheese plant leaks lime green sludge into a creek, and tap water is undrinkable. Complaints from the town's residents, who are mostly black and poor, have not led to any action.

Imperial Valley air monitoring program raised red flag. No one did anything

'You don't want to find out you're sick if you can't do anything about it.'

State officials say continue caution when it comes to water

The death toll in North Carolina from Hurricane Florence currently stands at 39. In New Hanover County, an 85-year old man died from an infected cut after cleaning storm debris. Much of the storm-related pollution, and risk for infection, is in the water.


Baltimore approves study of toxic chemicals in Back River in hopes of figuring out how to get rid of them

Traces of toxic chemicals have persisted in waterways, including in the Chesapeake Bay, for decades since the U.S. government banned their use. A new study in Maryland could help explain how the polychlorinated biphenyls continue to wash into the Baltimorea area's Back River.

Radiation found in lab worker’s wound

A worker's puncture wound received while changing cables on a glove box at the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Tech Area 55 Aug. 18 was contaminated with plutonium-238, lab officials said. The internal contamination was found during medical testing done in the wake of the accident.

Snyder orders chemical contamination readiness plan for Michigan

Gov. Rick Snyder has ordered that the state and local agencies develop a readiness plan for when chemical contamination is discovered in Michigan.

Group cites Triumph Mine pollution in lawsuit

An environmental group has filed a lawsuit contending state officials are violating federal law by failing to prevent toxic discharge from the abandoned Triumph Mine in central Idaho.

EPA turns to scientific outliers in effort to loosen radiation limits, saying a bit of exposure may be healthy

The proposed rule would require regulators to consider "various threshold models across the exposure range" when it comes to dangerous substances.

Contaminated water mistakenly sent to thousands of Tucson Water customers

Water officials didn't realize the water contained chemical compounds known as PFAS, which it is now working to clean up.
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