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Image by Hans from Pixabay

As climate change worsens, Americans struggle to escape its impacts

A couple moved from Nevada to New Hampshire to escape the effects of a changing climate. Issues with extreme weather followed them to their new home.
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environmental justice

LISTEN: Robbie Parks on why hurricanes are getting deadlier

"In places where there are high minority populations they bear, by far, the most burden of deaths from tropical cyclones."

environmental justice

Agents of Change in Environmental Justice program accepting applications

Do you find that public voices in science are lacking diversity and want to help create change? We want to hear from you.

environmental justice

LISTEN: Beauty justice in the LGBTQ+ community

"I will never be half of myself at any point in my life anymore."

WATCH: A closer look at new federal funding for Houston air monitoring

WATCH: A closer look at new federal funding for Houston air monitoring

Houston, known as the “Energy Capital of the World,” has long been surrounded by the oil and gas industry, a known contributor to air pollution.

BADGE BPA chemical

BPA's evil cousin

An ongoing series examining BADGE — an unregulated danger in epoxy resins.

pittsburgh reporting

EHN reporter wins Child Health Advocate Award

"Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pollution."