Want to take your mind off the pandemic and feel more calm? Try birding

Birding expert Jason Ward says now is a good time to take up birding. Not only are many of us at home, but billions of birds are migrating north. He has some tips to get started.
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Will Oceano Dunes closure prove source of dust pollution?

Riders and residents are wondering if the coronavirus closure will prove how much dust natural and how much is caused by vehicle activity.

San Diego County's war over Roundup

It's everywhere, taking over like the weeds it's meant to kill. Now glyphosate, the bestselling weedbuster of all time, has become a pest.

Ryan Smith and Hallie Taylor own the Marietta Adventure Company. (Credit: Julie Grant/TheAllegheny Front)

One Ohio River town that’s using outdoor recreation to boost its economy

Every September, tourists flock to historic Marietta, along the banks of the Ohio River, for a celebration that harkens back to the Ohio Valley's early days.

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Outdoor Afro celebrates freedom in nature

The group's founder says Outdoor Afro "really doubles down on the black joy and the ability to get out and be free."

Fat is fabulous for bears in Alaska's Katmai National Park

Alaska grizzly bears packing on pounds for the winter are competing for more than the season's last salmon. They are also vying for the title of the state's fattest bear.


Who owns the wild: grizzlies or humans?

The fight to balance recreation with wildlife is coming to a head.


High water levels in Michigan show potential cost of climate change

Recent flooding should be taken as a warning: Michigan will see dire economic consequences should the full impacts of climate change kick in.

Kennebec Dam removal signaled new era for rivers

Once considered only for their industrial uses, the waterways are now seen as community assets for other reasons.

Does size matter with lead in D.C. playground rubber?

In a statement, DC's Department of General Services admitted it does not know why Truesdell Education Campus playground came back with an elevated, though what it determined as safe, lead level.


Climate change set to disrupt Australia's summer sports calendar

Extreme weather events linked to climate change have the potential to disrupt Australia's summer sports obsession at elite and grassroots level, the Climate Council warns.


Utah lawmakers question watershed protection law

Some lawmakers worried aloud Wednesday that a 120-year-old Utah law could be used as an unwarranted hammer to restrict recreational access to water for the protection of a watershed.


Wyoming wildfire forces evacuations, closes highway south of Jackson

A wind-blown wildfire that has forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes south of the resort town of Jackson, Wyoming.

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They blinded us with SCIENCE!

From climate change to COVID-19, even the clearest warnings from scientists can misfire with millions of Americans. Pop culture may be a big reason why.

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Fracking linked to rare birth defect in horses: Study

The implications for human health are "worrisome," say researchers.

PFAS-free firefighting foams: Are they safer?

A small-scale certification effort could offer a path forward.

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An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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