Evangelicals are losing their climate skepticism

White evangelicals have clearly become more willing to acknowledge anthropogenic climate change over the past decade.

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‘Within minutes I was weeping’: The US pastor using scripture to mobilize climate action

Religious leaders, who know how to relate to communities on an emotional level, may be best positioned to convince people to support climate activism, experts say.

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La simbología del bosque, la cultura japonesa y Miyazaki

El sintoísmo es la segunda religión de Japón, una creencia animista centrada en la naturaleza, que además es eje de la obra del autor de magas y director Hayao Miyazaki. Un parque propone revisar esa producción artística en armonía con el entorno.

Young evangelical activists are taking action on climate change

A growing network of evangelical activists are tackling climate change on their own terms, and hoping to bring their church along with them.


The 86-year-old nun backing Australia's teen-led climate suit

Eight teens have brought a landmark court case that could make it harder for coal mines to be approved in Australia. Brigid Arthur, an octogenarian nun, didn't think twice when asked to support them.


Biden and faith groups to fight racism, climate change, pandemic

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday outlining his administration's plans to combat racism, poverty, polarization, climate change and other crises with the help of people of faith.


Azar urges Americans to keep masking up

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is urging Americans to stick with safeguards against COVID-19 such as mask-wearing even as President Donald Trump continues to shun the practice and infections spike higher in several parts of the U.S.


Estonia’s ‘holy forests’ threatened by demand for biofuels

Estonians struggle to reconcile their ancient forest-based religion with more and more stands of trees grown as a commodity for export.

In India, there's water everywhere, and nowhere

A 2,400-mile trek across India reveals the allure of its sacred rivers—and a crisis that threatens a way of life.

A pastor taught his church to see a blessing in the devastation of Hurricane Michael

Chester Davis said it was his job after the storm hit in 2018 to keep his parishioners “focused on trusting God and believing in him.”

Tampa Bay Catholics and Evangelicals discuss the environment and coronavirus

On the fifth anniversary of an historic papal document about the environment and as the coronavirus continues to imperil the world, a panel of Catholic and evangelical clergy met online last week to discuss their Christian response to disease outbreaks and climate change.


For Native Americans, the pandemic is a threat—and a time to reflect

Native American spiritual leaders say this is a time to recalibrate for a better future.

Making toxic-free births a Christian issue

Reverend Mitchell Hescox was on Capitol Hill in February, urging members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee not to gut an air pollution rule that protects children from the brain-damaging chemical mercury.

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Giving up carbon for Lent

Some Christians have made the commitment to limit their consumption in service of the Earth, rather than themselves.
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The draw—and deadlines—of American denial

From vaccines to elections to climate change, denial is doing lasting damage to the country.

What do politicians have to say about 'Fractured?'

Here are the responses we've gotten so far from politicians about our study that found Pennsylvania families living near fracking wells are being exposed to high levels of harmful industrial chemicals.

Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change

Tucson's ambitious tree planting goal aims to improve the health of residents, wildlife, and the watershed.

“Allow suffering to speak:” Treating the oppressive roots of illness

By connecting the dots between medical symptoms and patterns of injustice, we move from simply managing suffering to delivering a lasting cure.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Living near fracking wells is linked to higher rate of heart attacks: Study

Middle-aged men in Pennsylvania's fracking counties die from heart attacks at a rate 5% greater than their counterparts in New York where fracking is banned.

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