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‘The goal is to act now’: State officials detail Pa.’s 2021 Climate Action Plan

The plan builds on six areas of impact noted in the 2021 Climate Change Impacts Assessment.
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1,000 corporations vs. utility execs: Who is right on 100% clean power?

A new blueprint from a billionaire-led coalition that includes some of the nation’s largest corporations is backing ambitious clean energy policies being pushed by President Biden, even as utility executives are expressing doubts about them.

It’s climate week again, but the calendar is running out

A slow transition away from carbon will be costlier than a fast one, but each year that we keep spewing carbon is a year in which fossil-fuel companies’ current business models stay intact.

Why the US isn’t ready for clean energy: The grid needs to change for solar and wind energy

The US is going to need more high-voltage transmission lines. A lot more. As soon as possible.


Op-ed: We don’t have time for another fossil fuel bridge

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama praised natural gas as "the bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change."
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Rev. Dr. Wayne M. Weathers: A spiritual call to action on climate change

Climate change is among the greatest moral and spiritual issues of our time. One only needs to read the news on severe weather, flooding, fires, and drought to see the very real faces of those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis.


$66 million Uptown development will become a model of sustainability

Fifth & Dinwiddie from Hill District-based Bridging the Gap Development will have apartments, office space, co-working space and retail.
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U.S. Steel seeks a home for $3 billion plant. How does Pittsburgh feel?

After U.S. Steel's announcement, PublicSource checked in with local stakeholders to get their reaction.

The computer chip industry has a dirty climate secret

The semiconductor industry has a problem. Demand is booming for silicon chips, which are embedded in everything from smartphones and televisions to wind turbines, but it comes at a big cost: a huge carbon footprint.


Green jobs: The new generation of workers making it work for them

Science editor David Shukman on three jobs in growing green industries, and what it's like to do them.


Where they stand: Canada's parties on renewable energy

It’s crucial to lowering emissions. And the federal government can do a lot more to give development a jolt.

Biden's proposed tenfold increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system

A decade ago, solar power was a tiny sliver of the US energy supply. Today it’s expanding rapidly – and the Biden administration wants to make it much, much bigger.

Bill McKibben: Joe Biden’s solar plan and the prescience of Jimmy Carter

The best time to plant a solar panel was forty years ago—but Biden is trying hard to make up for lost time.

Where they stand: Canada's parties on fossil fuel subsidies

Canada spends $18 billion supporting its oil and gas industry. That should be an election wedge issue, says analysts.
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Researchers, doctors call for regulators to reassess safety of taking acetaminophen during pregnancy

The painkiller, taken by half of pregnant women worldwide, could be contributing to rising rates of reproductive system problems and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism.

LISTEN: Azmal Hossan on the sociology of climate crises in South Asia

"If we look at the rate of carbon emissions, most is emitted by the developed and industrialized countries, but the problem is poor countries like Bangladesh are the main sufferers."

Climate storytelling: Creativity and imagination in the face of bleak realities

Working with youth writers on a climate-fiction screenplay has opened my eyes to the power of the arts in confronting environmental crises.

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Peter Dykstra: Protected by an alphabet soup of acronyms

CITES, CCAMLR, LDC, MBTA, CBD, Ramsar, LWCF ... they may make your eyes glaze over, but they protect our health and planet.

Alabama PFAS manufacturing plant creates the climate pollution of 125,000 cars

The manufacturing plant responsible for PFAS-coated fast food packaging pumps out loads of a banned ozone-depleting compound along with "forever chemicals."

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