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Where chronic health conditions and coronavirus could collide

The outbreak may spread to new areas with high rates of diabetes, obesity and other illnesses that can worsen coronavirus symptoms. See where your county falls among those with the highest health risk factors.

No, B.C. air pollution isn’t much better

British Columbia's most harmful air pollution—fine particles of soot and dust—has likely been more prevalent than average.


`Toxic 100’ air study reveals U.S. super polluters

Just 100 industrial facilities are to blame for more than a third of U.S. toxic air emissions. A new report ranks the biggest offenders.

London's outdoor workers breathe in more pollution than most

New research shows outdoor workers in London are exposed to 15% more pollution than the average. "We are building the evidence base that proves government must act on air quality" the British Safety Council has said.

Vape shops face a choice: Close or rebrand?

Hundreds of stores are stocked almost entirely with flavored nicotine products that will soon be illegal to sell in New Jersey.

Coronavirus cases seemed to be leveling off. Not anymore

On Thursday, health officials in China reported more than 14,000 new cases in Hubei Province alone. A change in diagnostic criteria may be the reason.

Ghana's government faces pushback in bid to mine biodiversity haven for bauxite

Ghana's Atewa Forest Reserve is home to dozens of endangered species — as well as a substantial bauxite deposit.

Deadly coronavirus outbreak poses a test to China's leadership

The new virus has killed at least nine and infected more than 400 people in China, with confirmed cases in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

China confirms new coronavirus spreads from humans to humans

A top Chinese government-appointed expert says a mysterious respiratory illness that has killed at least four people can be transmitted by humans, heightening concern about the outbreak.

Vaping kills a 15-year-old in Texas

The teenager was the youngest to die so far in the outbreak of lung illnesses that affected thousands of people.

Philadelphia wants money from Pennsylvania to deal with dangerous asbestos in schools

“We've got over $300 million in the state's rainy day fund. Let's make it rain for these school buildings..."


Study finds coal closures saved thousands of lives

A new study finds the closure of coal-fired power plants over a decade saved an estimated 26,610 lives, with about a fifth of those in the Ohio Valley.

EPA aims to reduce truck pollution, and avert tougher state controls

The EPA opened an effort to cut pollution from trucks, an anomaly for an administration known for regulatory rollbacks but a move that would also pre-empt state rules.

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Editorial: Bicycling is having a moment—let’s use it to make riding more safe and inclusive

As we celebrate a World Bicycle Day like no other, can the U.S. keep the momentum and attention the coronavirus pandemic has brought to bicycling?

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Climate change creates camouflage confusion in winter-adapted wildlife

Twenty-one species molt from brown to white to survive the winter season. But climate change has created a mismatch between their snowy camouflage and surroundings.

They blinded us with SCIENCE!

From climate change to COVID-19, even the clearest warnings from scientists can misfire with millions of Americans. Pop culture may be a big reason why.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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