Record wildfires on the West Coast are capping a disastrous decade

One after another, major fires exploded across Washington, Oregon and California earlier this month. They have added up to the worst fire season on record.
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Wildfires’ toxic air leaves damage long after smoke clears

As fires burn longer and closer to cities throughout the West, researchers are trying to understand the lasting health impacts by studying a Montana town previously smothered by wildfire smoke.

Smoke from California's record wildfires is its own disaster

The recent inundation of wildfire smoke in the Bay Area was associated with an increased number of patients seeking treatment for respiratory conditions and other ailments.

Can U.S. health authorities learn from BC’s experience with wildfire smoke?

British Columbia health specialists are ahead of their counterparts in the U.S. when it comes to anticipating sicknesses resulting from wildfire smoke.

Enviro groups challenge EPA's new air rule for ethane crackers

Groups say the new rules don't protect the public from harmful emissions from these plants and allow too many loopholes for industry.

As the West burns, Trump administration races to demolish environmental protections

Polluters and their agents in government want to finalize as many environmental rollbacks as possible before the presidential election.

As wildfire smoke becomes a part of life on the West Coast, so do its health risks

Wildfires are causing record amounts of smoke to settle over West Coast states, leading to new habits and health problems.

Factory farming’s government-issued air pollution pass

The pollutants wafting from these operations are largely unregulated by the federal government.


Jon Stewart, Sen. Gillibrand push for burn pit law to aid veterans care and benefits

“If an enemy did this to us, we’d ... bomb them into oblivion,” Jon Stewart told The Washington Post. "We did it to ourselves and we’re ignoring it.”

‘Very unhealthy' air quality forces M.L.B. to reschedule games

Smoke and haze from wildfires filled Seattle’s stadium on Monday. With air quality worsening on Tuesday, games between the Mariners and Giants were moved to San Francisco.

Some of the planet's most polluted skies are now over the West Coast

Smoke from the wildfires in the West was also spotted high in the skies over Washington, D.C. Firefighters continued to battle blazes that were still spreading.

On the fire line, grueling work and a shared purpose

Basic firefighting techniques have changed little in decades — but fires themselves are now changing as the world warms, complicating an already perilous profession.

For prisoners in the West, the virus and the wildfires are colliding

Prisoners are more vulnerable than ever to the twin crises of the pandemic and a historic wildfire season.

How to get better air quality

Breathing particulates is never good for your health, and in a disaster like the California wildfires, the risks are severe.

Remembering a miner who personified coal's contributions and costs

The first voice in the ReSource book, "Appalachian Fall," is Virginia coal miner Charles Wayne Stanley, who asked that miners get the respect they deserve.
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Our plastic planet

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Disinfection dangers: How to avoid viruses without exposing yourself to toxics

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Microplastics in farm soils: A growing concern

Researchers say that more microplastics pollution is getting into farm soil than oceans—and these tiny bits are showing up in our fruits, veggies, and bodies.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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