Why Biden is talking tough on climate

America usually tries to be a global leader on policy – so why, when it comes to climate, do Republicans suddenly want to follow China?

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South River named among America’s Most Endangered Rivers

According to American Rivers, the annual America's Most Endangered Rivers report is a list of rivers at a crossroads, where key decisions in the coming months will determine the rivers' fates.


Biden goes big on planes, trains, and climate change

We talk about hurricanes and droughts when describing the threats from climate change, but solutions to limit dirty emissions also have a big effect on our health, because they result in much cleaner air.


Rob Laumbach: Remember those smog-free skies after the lockdown? They shouldn’t be forgotten

In New Jersey, air pollution is creeping back toward its pre-COVID levels. Trucks are a big part of the problem.

Australia’s worst floods in decades quicken concerns about climate change

In a country that suffered the harshest wildfires in its recorded history just a year ago, the deluge has become another awful milestone.

Rutgers to drop fossil fuel investments in battle against climate change

New Jersey's largest university is leveraging its $1.6 billion endowment as a tool to fight climate change.


Drew Sheneman: Climate change is undeniable

Warming leads to climate change and in practice climate change means more snow, more rain, more flooding, more drought, more wildfires and more unpredictable weather. Stop pretending like it's hard to understand.


River Action targets agri-businesses in campaign to stop pollution

The heads of some of the biggest agricultural suppliers are being targeted in a campaign to stop their activities polluting rivers in the UK.


Study: Warmer weather will increase flooding in the Columbia River Basin this century

Warmer winter weather, more rainfall and less snow will contribute to significantly increased flooding in the Columbia River Basin this century due to climate change, new research says.


Beauty, serenity, stillness: An ode to the final miles of the Mississippi River

Stark and minimalist in their beauty, the landscapes and communities in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish exist in a state of constant change.

River floods are boosting the global spread of plastic, study finds

River floods are boosting the spread of plastic around the world, a study has found, raising potentially severe health risks for people and wildlife.


New York Waterway ferry company accused of dumping sewage into Hudson for years

Two former workers claim New York Waterway fouled the river with unfiltered waste from boats’ toilets. The firm denies the allegations.

Park With COVID memorial is rising on site of former toxic dump

Hundreds of trees will be planted in a grove at the new Skyway Park — one for every resident of Jersey City who has died of the virus.

What is ghost fishing and why is it killing dolphins, whales and turtles?

Endangered turtles and dolphins species in the River Ganges are at risk from becoming entangled in abandoned fishing gear, new research has found.


Hawaii’s fresh water leaks to the ocean through underground rivers

If the water could be pumped to the surface, it could help alleviate shortages on the island.
From our Newsroom

The draw—and deadlines—of American denial

From vaccines to elections to climate change, denial is doing lasting damage to the country.

What do politicians have to say about 'Fractured?'

Here are the responses we've gotten so far from politicians about our study that found Pennsylvania families living near fracking wells are being exposed to high levels of harmful industrial chemicals.

Planting a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change

Tucson's ambitious tree planting goal aims to improve the health of residents, wildlife, and the watershed.

“Allow suffering to speak:” Treating the oppressive roots of illness

By connecting the dots between medical symptoms and patterns of injustice, we move from simply managing suffering to delivering a lasting cure.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking

EHN.org scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Living near fracking wells is linked to higher rate of heart attacks: Study

Middle-aged men in Pennsylvania's fracking counties die from heart attacks at a rate 5% greater than their counterparts in New York where fracking is banned.

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