Corporate studies asserting herbicide safety show many flaws, new analysis finds

Revelations come as Europe wrestles over renewal question for Bayer's Roundup herbicides.

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Judge kills Bayer’s plan to limit future Roundup legal liability, issues harsh criticism

The federal judge overseeing nationwide Roundup litigation on Wednesday denied Bayer's latest attempt to limit its legal liability from future cancer claims associated with its glyphosate-based herbicides, citing numerous "glaring flaws" in a settlement proposed to apply to Roundup users who have not yet sued the company but may want to do so in the future.

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Judge rejects proposal by Roundup maker Bayer to resolve future cancer claims

The $2 billion deal would have affected users of the weedkiller who haven't developed cancer.

EPA to review Roundup weedkiller to assess potential 'ecological risks'

Biden administration environmental officials say they will consider restrictions on the world's most widely used herbicide because of concerns about potential harm to monarch butterflies and other species.

Glyphosate doesn't just kill plants. It harms beetles, too

The key ingredient in RoundUp is supposed to only kill plants, but new research suggests it also interrupts a symbiotic relationship in beetles.

Glyphosate doesn't just kill plants. It harms beetles, too.

The key ingredient in RoundUp is supposed to only kill plants, but new research suggests it also interrupts a symbiotic relationship in beetles.

Mexican judge gives temporary win to Bayer over glyphosate ban

A Mexican judge has sided with Bayer in a legal challenge to a government plan to prohibit glyphosate providing temporary relief from a looming ban on the widely used herbicide.

What Carey Gillam learned through years of investigating Monsanto

In a new book, the author discusses the implications of her research, the future of glyphosate, and how Bayer plans to keep selling Roundup.

Herbicide used in FL as a cure-all is more like a kill-all

Historians say two inventions sparked our surge in population to 22 million: air conditioning and insecticide.


Dave Dickey: Bayer Ag's latest glyphosate offer moves in right direction but may not pass court muster

Last month Bayer AG offered up its latest Goldilocks offer to settle potential future lawsuits from plaintiffs claiming Roundup herbicide gave them cancer.

$2 billion settlement likely excludes migrant workers exposed to Roundup

The settlement would cover future legal claims that the weedkiller causes cancer. Only those already diagnosed with cancer are eligible for the settlement.

Bill seeks to ban the use of aerial herbicides in Maine forests

Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, a logger and the bill's sponsor, said aerial application of glyphosate and other herbicides has caused irreversible environmental damage.

Bayer sets up huge fund to fend off future Roundup lawsuits

German chemical company Bayer has struck a $2 billion deal to resolve future lawsuits over claims that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer. The deal would also provide future claimants up to $200,000 in compensation.

Glyphosate exposure could disrupt human gut microbiome

Exposure to glyphosate could adversely affect the microbes in our gut, potentially leading to poor health.
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