Large areas of London to go 'car-free' as Mayor plots green Covid-19 recovery

Transport for London says it is 'determined' to keep gains seen for air pollution and safer streets over past two months after lockdown measures ease
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Toxic air over London falls by 50% at busiest traffic spots

London has had dramatic improvements in its air quality since the coronavirus lockdown, with dangerous emissions at some of the capital's busiest roads and junctions falling by almost 50%.


Road runoff pollution damages London's rivers, study finds

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has called on the government to provide more funding to clean up the pollution blighting London's rivers, after a study highlighted the toxic effects on water from driving in the capital's most congested areas.


London air quality increases due to ultra low emission zone

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the new ULEZ charges after seeing an increase in children suffering chronic illness and lung damage from air pollutants.


Heathrow expansion violates climate rights of children, say lawyers

The multibillion-pound expansion of Heathrow violates the rights of children and future generations, who will face the greatest impact of the climate crisis, lawyers will argue at the court of appeal in London.


Climate change protesters say they are 'pausing' disruption after more than 800 arrests

Climate change protesters will meet with the Metropolitan police and “pause” the disruption that has plagued London for a week, resulting in more than 800 arrests.

London taxes older vehicles in bid to fight air pollution

In a bid to fight air pollution, London has introduced one of the world's toughest vehicle emissions standards, placing a tax on older, more polluting cars that drive into the center of the British capital.


Toxic air: Mother of girl who died from asthma calls on politicians to be braver

As Sadiq Khan launches ultra-low emissions zone in London, Rosamund Kissi-Debrah says it is still not enough.


Air pollution falling in London but millions still exposed

Two million people in London are living with illegal air pollution, according to the most recent data. However, nitrogen dioxide levels are falling and could reach legal levels within six years.


Beth Gardiner: A mother’s crusade to have air pollution listed as her daughter’s cause of death

Putting a face on dirty air: The trauma of a 9-year-old London girl may bring the dangers home.

London mayor Sadiq Khan aims to make the city's air less toxic

Sensors all over the city will help Londoners avoid areas where pollution is particularly bad.

London nurseries to get air purifiers after toxic air concerns

Mayor Sadiq Khan says toddlers' exposure to air pollution is 'inexcusable.'


London mayor unveils plan to tackle 'climate emergency'

London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, has declared a climate emergency and urged the UK government to do more to avert an ecological breakdown that he says poses an existential threat to future generations.

Plastic Pollution

London's new drinking fountains a splash hit

The first four of London's new water fountains have been used tens of thousands of times since they were installed.

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Air pollution worse inside London classrooms than outside, study finds

Study of schools in capital finds dangerous levels of fine particulate pollution within classrooms, putting children at risk of health problems.

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