How science denial on the political right hampers the US response to COVID-19

Science denial in the United States has for decades fueled resistance to taking action on climate change. As a consequence, the battle to prevent its worst effects may already be lost.

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Decades of science denial related to climate change has led to denial of the coronavirus pandemic

After the fossil fuel industry spent hundreds of millions of dollars undermining climate science, it’s easy to see how epidemiology came next.

Elections have consequences. The coronavirus reaction shows we’re now living with them.

Republicans have long been anti-intellectual, anti-science and anti-education. Now the bill comes due.

Why conservatives who believe climate science won’t speak up

Much easier to focus on resentment of environmentalists than the dangerous lunacy of their own side’s science denial.

Asbestos aftermath: 20 years later, health crisis still casts shadow in Libby

Asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma — diseases that have affected the lives of thousands of men, women and children in Lincoln County and claimed the lives of hundreds.

Asbestos aftermath: EPA reaches milestone in Libby after decades of asbestos cleanup

The U.S. EPA sent Mike Cirian to Libby in 2005 for what was expected to be a three to five-year cleanup effort at the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site. He's still there.

Decontamination of Libby mine and forest remain

The decontamination of thousands of homes was no small feat, but that was just the beginning.


Libby asbestos aftermath: Cleanup challenged by distrust in government, research

It took years of hypothesizing and experimenting before the EPA fully understood the amphibole asbestos fibers and how to effectively decontaminate a home.

The thinking error at the root of science denial

Could seeing things in black-and-white terms influence people’s views on scientific questions?

Bill Nye Science Guy takes on science denial

PBS documentary follows the Science Guy as he fights science denial.

Trump Administration deserts science advisory boards across agencies

While top-level science positions remain vacant, scientific advisory panels have been quietly diminished, disbanded or replenished with industry scientists.

Angus McCrone: Skeptical about climate, clean energy skeptics

If only I were a climate and clean energy skeptic. Then I could stop wasting time worrying about the planet.


The Monsanto Papers, Part 2 — Reaping a bitter harvest

Editors Note: This month Le Monde won the Prix Varenne Presse quotidienne nationale (Varenne award for the national daily press) for their Monsanto Papers series, an investigation on the worldwide war the Monsanto corporation has started in order to save glyphosate, originally published in June.

Below is part two, originally published June 2, 2017, translated by the Health and Environment Alliance.

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