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15 states sue EPA over decision not to tighten pollution standard for smog

Fifteen states and two cities have sued the Environmental Protection Agency for declining to tighten air quality standards for ozone pollution, the main ingredient in smog.

Smog is contributing to pine tree deaths - and that's a set up for huge fires

While California's most majestic forests may seem far from the the toxic smog in cities, it turns out that all the junk we pump into the air can travel a long way and make our trees sick.

Parts of Hong Kong suffer serious air pollution, with smog likely to remain at least for another day

Parts of Hong Kong suffered serious air pollution on Sunday, with environmental authorities expecting the smog to last at least another day or until strong winds disperse the contaminants.


SoCal is losing its fight against smog. Things have to turn around in 2021

The EPA under the Trump administration largely abandoned its clean-air responsibilities; we hope the incoming Biden administration will recognize how much Southern California needs an ally in the effort to shift to a zero-emissions future.

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Trump administration keeps existing ozone standards, rebuffing calls to cut down on smog

The Trump administration declined to impose stricter limits on smog-forming pollutants Wednesday, arguing that national ozone standards set in 2015 are sufficient. Public health advocates think otherwise.

What the EPA smog rule means for Americans with asthma

As the mother of five asthmatic children, Charday Urey knows the drill. When an EPA air quality index tips into the "unhealthy" zone, she closes the windows, turns on the air conditioner and keeps her kids indoors.

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23 anti-smog guns installed at construction sites

The Public Works Department of the Delhi Government has installed 23 anti-smog guns at key intersections and construction sites across the city to improve the national capital's air quality.

Covid cases see big spike in Delhi as pollution levels soar: ‘We’re firefighting’

Coronavirus cases have reached an alarming new high in Delhi, as experts' worst fears about a combination of rising smog levels and a second pandemic wave appeared to be realised.

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Spell of heavy smog in Indian capital raises fears for COVID patients

Residents of the Indian capital are enduring one of the worst spells of air pollution in years, data shows, raising the risks to city residents posed by the novel coronavirus, doctors said.


Delhi fears the worst amid smog cloud and coronavirus wave

A steady stream of patients is coming out of New Delhi's brownish atmosphere for treatment at the Breathe Better clinic, where lung specialist Davinder Kundra is confronting what he calls the "double whammy" of deadly smog and the coronavirus.

Groups sue EPA over flares at industrial facilities

Suit claims rules allow excess pollution at natural gas processing stations, landfills and chemical plants.


Environmental groups file federal lawsuit over air pollution from industrial flares

A coalition of ten environmental organizations is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over its failure to reduce toxic air pollution from petrochemical plants, gas processing facilities, landfills, and other large industrial sites.

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How smog leads to tons of plastic trash

When the air pollution gets particularly bad, office workers in China are more likely to order lunch delivery—millions of meals and tons of plastic waste.

Decades ago, the Donora smog disaster exposed the perils of dirty air

A survivor of the five-day smog crisis in Pennsylvania recalls: "We all knew the air was bad. We didn't realize it was going to kill people."
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Fractured: The stress of being surrounded

Jane Worthington moved her grandkids to protect them from oil and gas wells—but it didn't work. In US fracking communities, the industry's pervasiveness causes social strain and mental health problems.

Fractured: Distrustful of frackers, abandoned by regulators

"I was a total cheerleader for this industry at the beginning. Now I just want to make sure no one else makes the same mistake I did. It has ruined my life."

Fractured: Buffered from fracking but still battling pollution

A statewide network of fracking and conventional wells, pipelines, and petrochemical plants closes in on communities.

Fractured: Harmful chemicals and unknowns haunt Pennsylvanians surrounded by fracking

We tested families in fracking country for harmful chemicals and revealed unexplained exposures, sick children, and a family's "dream life" upended.

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

LISTEN: Kristina Marusic discusses the "Fractured" investigation

"Once they had the results of our study [families] felt like they had proof that these chemicals are in their air, their water, and making their way into their bodies."

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