Uganda: Turning trash into COVID masks for the hearing-impaired

When entrepreneur Juliet Namujju realized COVID masks were preventing her hearing-impaired staff from lip-reading, she resolved to find another enterprising use for Uganda's mountains of plastic waste.
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The swift, disruptive rise of 'slow streets'

In many cities, the swift rollout of car-restricted streets at the start of the pandemic faced fierce community resistance. Now planners are changing their playbook.

Can doughnuts save the planet?

Imagine a ring doughnut. This is the basis of an idea about how we could run the world in a way that gives everyone what they need - food, homes, healthcare and more - and save the planet at the same time.

Russell Zerbo, Christina D. Rosan: Philly is ready to start fighting climate change again

Local clean air advocates look to Joe Biden to renew a much-needed partnership to help the city and the planet fight climate change.

Shareholders challenge firms they invest in to promote good in the world

Financial advisors, active asset owners and investment managers deploy shareholder advocacy to make corporations notice and respond to shareholder concerns.

This Fixer wrote the book on addressing poverty, wastewater, and climate change in rural America

A conversation with Catherine Flowers, author of "Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret."

New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail is closing: Now it’s time to put the land to better use.

There are many ideas for what the 400-acre island in the middle of New York be transformed into: affordable housing, an energy hub, or a new manufacturing center.

'Doomsday' transit cuts could cripple U.S. economy

New York’s MTA plans to slash subway service, and other cities have proposed brutal budget cuts if federal transit support doesn’t arrive.

The fall of Trump propels the climate story into a decisive new era

Donald Trump's defeat in the US presidential election is the biggest development in the climate story in years, if only because it means that the story might not have a hellish ending after all.

How conservation groups confront distrust from communities of color

Environmental organizations are realizing that if they want to attract a broader constituency, they must first make up for past missteps.

Youth voter turnout is surging due to concerns over guns, climate change and race

Major social movements driven by young activists around climate change, gun safety and Black Lives Matter protests have led to an explosion of civic awareness among younger Americans, who are on track to turn out to vote in record numbers this election and could play a pivotal role in some key battleground states.

Greta Thunberg reflects on living through multiple crises in a 'post-truth society'

In an exclusive interview with National Geographic, the teen climate activist considers the successes of the youth climate movement and the challenges it will face.

Inside Gen Z’s fight for climate change action

A generation that grew up witnessing a world with a rapidly changing climate is coming of age. Now, young climate activists are bringing a sense of urgency to mobilizing social and political movements across the nation. They say we're running out of time.

'We don't have any choice': The young activists naming and shaming US politicians

As the election nears, young Americans are calling on US politicians to take action on climate, police brutality and immigration.

As COVID-19 closes schools, the world's children go to work

Former students are taking illegal and often dangerous jobs in India and other developing countries, potentially rolling back years of progress in social mobility and public health.
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Op-ed: A push for answers about the environmental causes of child cancer

A first-of-its kind study aims to tease out the link between pollution and cancer in children.

Moving forward after four years of fights and falsehoods

As the US turns the page on a skeptical and openly hostile administration, environmental science and journalism face continued obstacles—but there is some optimism.

LISTEN: Dana Williamson on bringing communities to the forefront of environmental justice research

"There needs to be more intentionality around working with communities that are experiencing environmental inequities."

LISTEN: Kristina Marusic discusses the health effects of fracking on "In This Climate"

"People in communities with fracking are fearful about the exposures they're facing from the industry."

Unplugged: Abandoned oil and gas wells leave the ocean floor spewing methane

The Gulf of Mexico is littered with tens of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells, and toothless regulation leaves climate warming gas emissions unchecked.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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