Is Puerto Rico about to give another terrible energy contract to an American company?

Prepa, the island’s electric power company, and FEMA have found themselves embroiled in scandal before.
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Energy firms urged to mothball coal plants as cost of solar tumbles

Building new solar power projects would generate cheaper electricity than running most of the world's existing coal power plants, according to a global renewable energy report.

Clean energy is vital to the Covid-19 response in the world's poorest countries

Renewable mini-grids can power health facilities and irrigation systems, making communities more resilient to future pandemics and climate shocks.


COVID-19 is changing the face of the energy business

Even once the world picks up again, the basics of the energy business will reflect the legacy of the 2020 pandemic.

How lockdowns boost renewables and harm coal

As coronavirus lockdowns encircled the globe from January to March, something surprising happened on the electric grid. Renewable energy had the romp of its short life, while coal withered.

Sin City –> Sun City

The Trump administration yesterday gave its final approval for the $1 billion Gemini project, a planned massive solar power plant on public lands northeast of Las Vegas.

Facing coronavirus and a ‘cliff,’ can Illinois solar survive?

Legislation that sought to boost the shrinking fund for solar incentives is on hold, as are many installations across the state.

Scrap Taltson expansion plan, says climate change study

Expanding the Taltson hydro system is like buying a new truck with a snow plow to dowse a fire, a study says.

Enrique Dans: In a post-pandemic world, renewable energy is the only way forward

A post-pandemic economic reconstruction based on restructuring the energy map makes sense. We know we have to do it, and we know the reason we haven't done it so far is because it challenges the interests of a powerful few.

Want to rebuild the economy with clean energy? Germany offers 20 years of lessons

Hundreds of wind and solar co-ops have taken on big utilities and shown they can reliably power the grid - and hugely reduce emissions.

Remote Belize village with no access to safe drinking water gets solar-powered device to suck it out of the air

Until recently Caye Caulker largely relied on bottled water being shipped in - a service that has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.


Environment ministers seek fair, green coronavirus recovery

Officials from 30 countries discuss how to tackle climate change and inequality when the world bounces back from COVID-19.

Community solar: A ray of hope in the gloom?

As energy companies of every stripe struggle in the coronavirus pandemic, there's one small segment of the solar industry that is hiring.

As coronavirus shutdowns reduce air pollution, European solar generation breaks records

Three of Europe's biggest economies - Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom - have recently achieved new records in solar generation, due in part to a drop in air pollution from coronavirus-related shutdowns, which has cleared skies and boosted production of photovoltaic cells

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Editorial: Bicycling is having a moment—let’s use it to make riding more safe and inclusive

As we celebrate a World Bicycle Day like no other, can the U.S. keep the momentum and attention the coronavirus pandemic has brought to bicycling?

Coronavirus, the environment, and you

How the spread of the deadly virus is impacted by climate change, the environment, and our lifestyles.

Climate change creates camouflage confusion in winter-adapted wildlife

Twenty-one species molt from brown to white to survive the winter season. But climate change has created a mismatch between their snowy camouflage and surroundings.

They blinded us with SCIENCE!

From climate change to COVID-19, even the clearest warnings from scientists can misfire with millions of Americans. Pop culture may be a big reason why.

Cutting edge of science

An exclusive look at important research just over the horizon that promises to impact our health and the environment

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