Savannah River Site fights contamination with massive underground wall

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions recently finished constructing a large underground, water-permeable wall made of recycled iron filings that neutralize Cold War-era chemical solvents found in the aquifer beneath the Savannah River Site.

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Andover reckons with past pollution as landfill’s hazardous waste cleanup begins

The state allowed hazardous wastes to be dumped at the landfill between 1972 and 1974.


Zoning proposed for Pompton Lakes NJ DuPont site, raising concerns

Some residents are concerned that the change to a nonresidential plan for the 289 acres would mean less stringent toxic cleanup requirements.

Progress made in SRS aquifer cleanup effort

The management and operations contractor for Savannah River Site has completed the first phase of testing a new approach that uses oxidants to neutralize solvents from groundwater underneath the facility.


After natural disasters, workers rebuild — and face exploitation

Immigrant workers and day laborers are especially vulnerable to health risks and wage theft.

Chemicals in groundwater at Lodi Army NJ site don't pose health risk

The chemicals in groundwater under the Army Reserve Center are not at levels high enough to pose a health risk, according to a federal study.

In California, cars and cows hang heavy in the air

Fated by geography, the San Joaquin Valley’s surfeit of cows, cars, crops, and oil produce air pollution that weighs heavily on public health.

Washington landfill is smoldering and leaking chemicals into groundwater. What should be done?

The Pasco Sanitary Landfill is a Superfund site that has been closed for 25 years but still has fires and chemical leaks endangering the environment and Tri-City WA residents. A public hearing is scheduled.


Big safety testing failure rate for California pot products

Testing companies licensed by the state are finding unacceptable levels of pesticides, solvents and bacteria.


Walmart to shed solvents linked to deaths, birth defects

Walmart Inc., the world’s largest retailer, will stop selling paint strippers containing a solvent linked to more than a dozen deaths and a second solvent that could harm the development of babies in the womb.

Puerto Ricans pump drinking water from hazardous-waste: report.

Puerto Ricans pump drinking water from hazardous-waste: report

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Trump's pick for EPA safety chief argued kids are less sensitive to chemical toxicity.

MICHAEL DOURSON, THE toxicologist who will be the subject of a confirmation hearing on Wednesday for what many consider the second most powerful post at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been hired by industry to consult on at least 30 of the chemicals he may be responsible for reviewing if he assumes office.

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Endocrine disruptors: A guilty definition.

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