Even if Trump doesn’t bring up climate change tonight, this ad will

Seventh Generation, known for a toilet tissue made of recycled paper, will follow the State of the Union address with a 60-second commercial on three networks.
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Climate change returns to limelight

House Democrats this morning brought climate change back to the political forefront for the first time in nearly a decade and were met with a Republican tone shift far from the skeptical attitude the GOP has taken to the issue for years.

Democrats spotlight climate change with their State of the Union guests

Activists and academics who focus on climate change will be attending.

Environmental advocates chosen as SOTU guests

Several lawmakers from the Capital Region are bringing guests with a common thread.


Pipelines, railroads and utilities among rejected cases

Backers of a beleaguered pipeline proposal in New York won't get any help from the Supreme Court, as the justices today denied Constitution Pipeline Co. LLC's bid to revive the natural gas project.

Fact Check: Trump’s State of the Union claim about the “war on coal”

President Obama didn't wage a "war on coal," as Trump has often claimed. Trump hasn't made the US an energy exporter. He also doesn't seem to have a good grasp on what "clean coal" is.


Trump can't drop climate from his speech. Here's why

At least three of President Trump's State of the Union guests can blame global warming for their invitations. But don't expect Trump to mention climate change tonight, even though hurricanes and wildfires dominated his first year in office.

Weekend Reader for Sun., Jan. 28

On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump will take the podium to renew the annual American tradition of the State of the Union Address (SOTU). His audience will include both houses of Congress, some special guests, and most of the memberships of the Supreme Court, Cabinet, and the Joint Chiefs of the military.

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Justices reject 4 environmental cases

Coal giant Murray Energy Corp.'s bid to force U.S. EPA to continually evaluate the impacts of its air regulations on the coal industry today came to an end in the Supreme Court.
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LISTEN: A conversation about infertility with Shanna Swan

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