Puerto Rico governor says island is incorporating climate change innovation into rebuilding process

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló says that the island is working to rebuild itself in the years after Hurricane Maria while working to combat climate change.

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Democrats spotlight climate change with their State of the Union guests

Activists and academics who focus on climate change will be attending.

Sunday show coverage of climate change in 2018 was a disaster

Less than 6 percent of episodes on the major Sunday shows discussed global warming, and some of them included climate deniers

The ex-con coal baron running for Senate in West Virginia

Don Blankenship was jailed for contributing to the worst coal mine disaster in a generation.

Living on Earth: Beyond the Headlines

Peter Dykstra and Steve Curwood examine what was said -- and not said -- about environment and energy in President Trump's State of the Union speech.


Democrats lack a bold national climate change plan in the Trump Era, and it shows

The party's rebuttal this week to the president's State of the Union address ignored what should be a progressive core issue for the party.

State of the Union: Trump glorifies coal, shuts eyes to climate risks

Trump talked of the year's climate disasters—without saying 'climate change'—and while repeating his usual promotion of fossil fuels that drive warming.

Environmentalists sue Trump over coal pollution ahead of State of the Union

The Center for Biological Diversity is suing the Trump administration for delaying regulations on coal power plant pollution.

Emily Atkin: The polluted state of the union

It's too soon to have data on Trump's impact on the environment, but after his first year, the outlook is clear.

Trump can't drop climate from his speech. Here's why

At least three of President Trump's State of the Union guests can blame global warming for their invitations. But don't expect Trump to mention climate change tonight, even though hurricanes and wildfires dominated his first year in office.

Weekend Reader for Sun., Jan. 28

On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump will take the podium to renew the annual American tradition of the State of the Union Address (SOTU). His audience will include both houses of Congress, some special guests, and most of the memberships of the Supreme Court, Cabinet, and the Joint Chiefs of the military.

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'Science Guy' Bill Nye to be Jim Bridenstine's guest at State of the Union address

The invitation seems designed to bolster Bridenstine's scientific credentials as he struggles to get the Senate votes necessary for confirmation. Opponents have charged the former military pilot lacks sufficient background
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Pete Myers: Our failure on fertility

'Count Down,' by Dr. Shanna Swan, lays out how poorly regulated chemicals leach out of consumer products and escape from agricultural and industrial uses to drive sperm counts down.

WATCH: Fertility crisis leaves little time for solutions

Worldwide, sperm counts in men have declined 50 percent in 50 years, with no sign of easing soon.

LISTEN: A conversation about infertility with Shanna Swan

'We have to get these [harmful chemicals] out of our lives and out of our bodies quickly so we can begin to make the journey toward reproductive health.'

How to shop for cleaning products - while avoiding toxics

A simple, 4-step guide to decoding all that packaging.

Use of disinfectants has soared, sparking new examination of ingredients

Regulators are considering whether disinfectant ingredients called quats are safe and effective in light of increased use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 tips for cleaner grocery shopping

Picking ingredients for a better lifestyle.

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