Burning for Bitcoin: A waste coal-burning, crypto-mining pirate ship sets sail in PA

While Bitcoin is the shiny veneer of the operation, it's actually a means to an end—giving Scrubgrass a reason to run more than the electric grid needs so it can continue to burn waste coal.

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Gassy coal mines can be environmental commodities. CNX shows how

There is so much unwanted gas coming out of American coal mines—those that still produce coal and even those that have long quit—that federal data suggests it outpaces the carbon emissions footprint of the entire U.S. petrochemical industry.

Pennsylvania regulators propose new pipeline rules where industry says none are needed

The proposed rules don’t follow industry recommendations but also don’t go as far as some environmental and citizen groups requested.

EPA-approved fracking chemicals include substances that form ‘forever chemicals’

Companies that drill for natural gas in Pennsylvania have used EPA-approved PFAS or pre-cursors to PFAS in fracking operations in other states, according to a report by Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Public can weigh in on Allegheny County's plan for air quality monitoring

The Allegheny County Health Department is requesting public comment on its new 2022 Air Monitoring Network Plan.
Plastic Pollution

Shell cracker plant 80% complete; first electricity exported to grid

Shell Chemicals' ethane cracker plant will convert oil and gas into ethylene, used in plastics manufacturing to make a range of products from automotive parts to food packaging.

Ohio EPA Extends Air Permit for Proposed PTT Global Cracker Plant

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency extended a permit that is necessary for PTT Global Chemical America to move ahead with plans to build an ethane cracker plant in Belmont County.

U.S. Steel right not to report Pittsburgh plant pollutants to feds

A federal appeals court on Monday affirmed a lower court ruling that dismissed a lawsuit by an environmental watchdog alleging U.S. Steel Corp violated the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) when it reported to local, but not federal authorities, that its steel plant near Pittsburgh emitted air pollutants.

Former PWSA Supervisor Charged For Violating The Clean Water Act

A former Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority supervisor is being charged with violating the Clean Water Act.

Petition urges Allegheny County executive to end his support of shale, petro development

A dozen environmental and community organizations have called on Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald to end his support for the shale gas drilling and petrochemical industries and pledge not to allow drilling or fracking under any more county parks.

'Forever chemicals' show up in state water survey

Testing done on Pennsylvania's public water systems found contamination by toxic PFAS —one of the so-called "forever chemicals" that pose a growing health threat—in at least a quarter of the water samples from 412 sites.


Joanne Kilgour: Together, we can choose a different future for Appalachian communities

We need an ambitious national policy agenda that supports the people and places hit hardest by our changing economy.
Plastic Pollution

Coalition calling for pipeline scrutiny

Residents and members of some environmental groups near the path of the Falcon Pipeline are asking federal regulators for more answers and for more scrutiny of the Shell Pipeline project.


Mon Valley pollution watches and warnings discussed by county board of health

Allegheny County's Board of Health has heard more about proposed changes in rules for the "Mon Valley Air Pollution Mitigation Plan." The changes would include setting up a "watch phase" and a "warning phase" for county public notices about pollution, and issuing information for residents through "Allegheny Alerts."


Q&A with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

On March 1, EHN published Fractured, a 4-part series documenting the results of a two-year study on fracking and health, which found high levels of toxic chemicals in the bodies of Pennsylvania families in fracking communities.

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Alabama PFAS manufacturing plant creates the climate pollution of 125,000 cars

The manufacturing plant responsible for PFAS-coated fast food packaging pumps out loads of a banned ozone-depleting compound along with "forever chemicals."

LISTEN: EHN's Pittsburgh reporter featured on "We Can Be" podcast

"I believe that true, well-told stories have the power to change the world for good."

Weaponization of water in South Asia

Climate change and unbalanced regional political power are driving an ongoing water crisis in Bangladesh.

Global action on harmful PFAS chemicals is long overdue: Study

"We already know enough about the harm being caused by these very persistent substances to take action to stop all non-essential uses and to limit exposure from legacy contamination."

Ocean plastic pollution

Too much plastic is ending up in the ocean — and making its way back onto our dinner plates.

Pennsylvania vows to regulate PFAS in drinking water—again—but regulations are at least two years away

The chemicals, linked to health problems including cancer and thyroid disease, have contaminated drinking water in Pittsburgh communities like Coraopolis and McKeesport.

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