Mon Valley pollution watches and warnings discussed by county board of health

Allegheny County's Board of Health has heard more about proposed changes in rules for the "Mon Valley Air Pollution Mitigation Plan." The changes would include setting up a "watch phase" and a "warning phase" for county public notices about pollution, and issuing information for residents through "Allegheny Alerts."

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Pittsburgh plans to expand the number of public, private charging stations for electric vehicles

In a 37-page study, the city has set goals of 200 charging stations on city property and 2,000 on private property by 2030.

CNX Resources' new philanthropy is beefier, hyperlocal and focused on the return

Its corporate giving goals reflect the company's unique approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. While other oil and gas companies have made commitments, or at least nods, to decreasing carbon emissions to net-zero, CNX has made no such pledge.

Allegheny Land Trust finalizes purchase of Girty's Woods in Reserve, shielding 155-acre forest from development

A 155-acre tract of land in Reserve will be protected from development and preserved as natural habitat thanks to a robust capital campaign that raised more than $700,000.

Allegheny County Councilor Hallam introduces bill to ban fracking in most county parks

The city of Pittsburgh has long had a moratorium against natural gas drilling, aka fracking, on the books since 2005, but that hasn't been true for Allegheny County as a whole.

Pennsylvania DEP finds PFAS in one-third of public water systems

A proposed state regulation is expected this year that would set health limits for some of the chemicals, which have been linked to serious illnesses.

Carbon stored in Elizabeth Township forest will help pay for its preservation

Allegheny Land Trust is the first land trust in the country to use urban forest carbon credits to save a woodland from development.

Climate change march fights for climate justice and youth representation

More than 200 protesters marched through Oakland on Friday afternoon urging climate justice and fossil fuel divestment.

US Steel fined (again) for pollution at Clairton Coke Works. 'This is nothing new.'

The debate over air quality in the Mon Valley flared this week as the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) called on U.S. Steel to once again improve pollution-creating conditions at Clairton Coke Works.

Nonprofit lands $582,000 grant to transform 2 Wilkinsburg parking lots with rain gardens and bioswales

The state Department of Environmental Protection awarded $582,000 to the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association to install natural drainage with rain gardens and bioswales in two Wilkinsburg parking lots. Underground stormwater storage tanks will also be installed.

As Allegheny County finally meets clean air standards, environmentalists are concerned the victory could be short lived

Earlier this year, Allegheny County saw its first-ever days in compliance with all federal air quality guidelines under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Will the fracking boom ever translate into jobs and income for Appalachia’s residents?

While record amounts of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids have been produced in the Appalachian region between 2008 and 2019, the region did not see much of a jump in jobs or income.

Ted Cruz brings back Paris vs. Pittsburgh in criticism of Biden; Peduto scoffs

“Are you kidding me? Here we go again…" That was Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto's reply to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, after the senator evoked a familiar refrain Wednesday during criticism of President Joe Biden's signing of an executive order to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

Nearly $1M in state grants will address mine drainage, stormwater in Westmoreland

The Turtle Creek Watershed stretches across 147 square miles, straddling Westmoreland and Allegheny counties. With the support of a state grant, the 50-year-old watershed association plans to assess the many areas where abandoned mine discharges pollute the creek and its tributaries, to help qualify for additional funds to clean up the waterways.

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U.S. Steel abandons clean tech plans in Pittsburgh region following damning health study

The company scraps planned Pennsylvania investments and will instead shut down three polluting batteries in 2023. The announcement comes a week after a study shows lower lung function in people living near its Pittsburgh-region facility.

Fertility & Environmental Justice: A conversation with Shanna Swan and Annie Hoang

"These toxics chemicals are affecting you—not just the polar bears, the insects, and the birds."

Can marine protected areas reduce marine disease?

EHN talked to marine disease experts about the role of increasing ocean protection in combating rising disease rates.

Food dyes linked to attention and activity problems in children

"Most consumers have no idea that something that is allowed in the food supply by the FDA could trigger adverse behaviors."

Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking scientific investigation finds western Pennsylvania families near fracking are exposed to harmful chemicals, and regulations fail to protect communities' mental, physical, and social health.

Biden takes a run at America's glaring environmental problems. Can he succeed?

President Biden counts on a tenuous Congressional majority to dramatically alter environmental policy.

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